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Pre-requisites: Header files in C/ C++ and its uses The difference between the two types is in the location where the preprocessor searches for the… Read More
In this article, we will see what Squarespace & WordPress is, along with knowing their features, advantages & disadvantages & the basic difference between them.… Read More
An array is a linear data structure which is having contiguous memory. In a single variable, we can store n number of elements. For example,… Read More
Some folks use function and method interchangeably and they think function and method are the same in swift. But, function and method both are different… Read More
In this article, we will see the  mysqli_fetch_array() & mysqli_fetch_object() function in PHP. The mysqli_fetch_object() function returns objects from the database, whereas mysqli_fetch_array() function delivers… Read More
The object is the parent class from which all the javascript objects are inherited and these two methods are the static methods of the Object… Read More
Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of IT services/resources over the internet. On-demand computing service over the internet is nothing but cloud computing. By… Read More
FIND_IN_SET(…): This function returns the index(starting from 1) of the required string in a given list of strings if it is present in the list.… Read More
Conventional testing is a software testing process that is conducted when the waterfall life cycle is used while developing software. This testing is always performed… Read More
Agent-oriented Testing is defined as the application of agents like software or intelligent or multi-agent systems, etc to software testing problems by tackling and automating… Read More
Copper cable: The electrical wiring is made of copper wire. It uses electronic impulses to send and receive data. It’s the only solid conductor in… Read More
A scheduling algorithm is used to estimate the CPU time required to allocate to the processes and threads. The prime goal of any CPU scheduling… Read More
In March 1950, the Government of India passed a resolution establishing the Planning Commission. It was created to help the government accomplish its stated goals… Read More
A list in R Programming Language can be passed as an argument in lapply() and sapply() functions. It is quite helpful to perform some of… Read More
Map in C++ STL Map stores unique key-value pairs in a sorted manner. Each key is uniquely associated with a value that may or may… Read More

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