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A stream is an ordered pipeline of aggregate operations(filter(), map(), forEach(), and collect()) that process a (conceptually unbounded) sequence of elements. A stream pipeline consists… Read More
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Across the software projects, we are using java.sql.Time, java.sql.Timestamp and java.sql.Date in many instances. Whenever the java application interacts with the database, we should use… Read More
Here we will be discussing out one by one individually then rolling onto the difference after having an adequate understanding of all three of them.… Read More
We all come across a variety of background-running mobile applications in our daily lives. Furthermore, in many applications, such tasks are done without the use… Read More
Prerequisite – Responsibilities of Transport Layer 1. SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) :It is a protocol which is build over SSH for efficiently transfer files… Read More
Prerequisite – Responsibilities of Transport Layer 1. Secure Shell (SSH) :It is a transport layer that is used for secure logins and share of information… Read More
Prerequisite – Software Testing 1. Adhoc Testing : Adhoc testing is a type of software testing which is performed informally and randomly after the formal testing… Read More
1. System Testing :In system testing, integration testing passed components are taken as input. The goal of integration testing is to detect any irregularity between… Read More
1. Firebase :Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) that helps developers to build, manage, deploy their applications effortlessly. It is developed by Google and provides a… Read More
1. Agile Model : Agile is a replacement for the traditional waterfall model for the creation of software development. It was developed in the year 2001… Read More
1. Network Time Protocol (NTP) :It is a protocol that promotes the computer’s clock times to be synchronized in a system. This protocol is an… Read More
1. Jira :Jira is a project management tool developed in the year 2002 by the Australian company Atlassian. It is a powerful tool that provides… Read More
1. Azure DevOps :Azure DevOps is its own set of cloud services that have collaboration tools that work on any platform it is a tool… Read More