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Surds :Let x is a rational number(i.e. can be expressed in p/q form where q ≠ 0) and n is any positive integer such that… Read More
Counter :Counters are used to count the clock pulses. The clock pulses occur at regular intervals. They are used to measure the  time and frequency.… Read More
In this article we will discuss the differences between Abstract and Concrete data structure or type. Abstract Data Types(ADT) : It is a type (or class)… Read More
Firmware : It is a piece of programming code embedded in a particular hardware. It is a modified version of the software. Firmware is equivalent to… Read More
An Orthogonal Linked List is a data structure composed of fundamental elements called Nodes (similar to linked lists). Each node in an orthogonal Linked List… Read More
Programs are sets of instructions designed to accomplish specific tasks. Similarly, a process refers to a runtime instance of a computer program. During the execution… Read More
Interrupt : An interrupt is a special type of condition that occurs during the working of a microprocessor. Microprocessor services the interrupt by executing a… Read More
Introduction of Shared Memory Segment :The quickest kind of IPC accessible is shared memory. There is no kernel participation in transmitting data between processes after… Read More
1. Binary Search Tree :An acyclic graph is commonly used to illustrate a Binary Search Tree. The tree is made up of nodes. Each node… Read More
Prerequisite – Virtual Memory in Operating System As suggested by the concept of virtual memory, it is not necessary that the entire process should be… Read More
What is the OSI Model?OSI is an acronym for Open Systems Interconnection. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created the OSI model (ISO). It’s a… Read More
1. Cache coherence :Cache coherence in computer architecture refers to the consistency of shared resource data that is stored in multiple local caches. When clients… Read More
In the world of Programming and Mathematics we often encounter the two terms “Modulo” and “Modulus”. In programming we use the operator “%” to perform… Read More
A half clique in a graph is a set of n/2 vertices such that each vertex shares an edge with every other vertex, that is,… Read More
JOINS :Joins in SQL are used to combine rows from multiple tables on a specific condition, which is a relation between the columns of two… Read More