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The BigDecimal class provides operations on double numbers for arithmetic, scale handling, rounding, comparison, format conversion and hashing. It can handle very large and very… Read More
Given an array of size n. The problem is to find the longest sub-array having exactly k odd numbers.Examples:   Input : arr[] = {2, 3,… Read More
JavaScript uses 3 kind of dialog boxes : ALERT, PROMPT and CONFIRM. These dialog boxes can be of very much help for making our website… Read More
Given an array of n integers sorted in ascending order, write a function that returns a Fixed Point in the array, if there is any… Read More
Write a Java program to take an input string and exchange the first and last word and reverse the middle word. Examples:  Input : Hello… Read More
Given the sides of Octahedron then calculate the surface area. Examples:  Input : 7 Output : 169.741 Input : 9 Output : 280.59 Recommended: Please… Read More
Given a singly linked list, rearrange the list so that even and odd nodes are alternate in the list.There are two possible forms of this… Read More
Recently RBS conducted their recruitment for their internship positions. 104 students sat for the process they were shortlisted on basis of CGPA. Round 1:Apti +… Read More
DFA (Deterministic Finite Automaton or Acceptor) is a finite state machine that accepts or rejects strings of symbols. DFA accepts the string if it reaches… Read More
Let us consider the following problem to understand Segment Trees.We have an array arr[0 . . . n-1]. We should be able to 1 Find the… Read More
xargs is a Unix command which can be used to build and execute commands from standard input. Importance : Some commands like grep can accept… Read More
Skype Round Discussion on projects and the current work. Print all the subsequences of string. Face to Face Interview Round 1 Check whether two strings… Read More
Here we are going to print inverted star pattern of desired sizes. Examples: 1) Below is the inverted star pattern of size n=5 (Because there… Read More
Compiling graphics codes on CodeBlocks IDE shows an error: “Cannot find graphics.h”. This is because graphics.h runs is not available in the library folder of… Read More
Data Replication is the process of storing data in more than one site or node. It is useful in improving the availability of data. It… Read More
Online Test : Ten Questions were asked . Five of these are MCQs on DSA . Two of the remaining five correct  the Syntax questions… Read More
There are n glasses on the table, all standing upside down. In one move, you are allowed to turn over exactly n – 1 of… Read More
Given a target position on the infinite number line, (-infinity to +infinity). Starting form 0 you have to reach the target by moving as described:… Read More
Given a number, the task is to set all even bit of a number. Positions of bits are counted from LSB (least significant bit) to… Read More
Given an integer n and an array of positions ‘position[]’ (1 <= position[i] <= 2n), find the number of ways of proper bracket expressions that… Read More

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