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Boost.LexicalCast which is defined in the Library “boost/lexical_cast.hpp” provides a cast operator, boost::lexical_cast, that can convert numbers from strings to numeric types like int or… Read More
PURPOSE OF VIDEO SHARING SERVICE SYSTEMYoutube is the advertisement based video sharing service that allows users to upload video based media contents. Users can upload,… Read More
Given n, of a n x n chessboard, find the proper placement of queens on chessboard.Previous Approach : N Queen  Recommended: Please try your approach… Read More
java.util.Calendar.after() is a method in Calendar class of java.util package. The method returns true if the time represented by this Calendar is after the time… Read More
Prerequisites : strncmp, strcmp The basic difference between these two are : strcmp compares both the strings till null-character of either string comes whereas strncmp… Read More
There is a m*n rectangular matrix whose top-left(start) location is (1, 1) and bottom-right(end) location is (m*n). There are k circles each with radius r.… Read More
Given a string s, count special substrings in it. A Substring of S is said to be special if either of the following properties is… Read More
Prerequisite : Decision making in CQuestion 1   C #include"stdio.h" #include"stdlib.h" void reverse(int i) {     if (i > 5)          exit(0);      printf("%d\n", i);      return reverse(i++); } int… Read More
Both of the exceptions that are ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundError occur when the class is not found at runtime. They are related to the Java classpath. … Read More
Elo Rating Algorithm is widely used rating algorithm that is used to rank players in many competitive games. Players with higher ELO rating have a… Read More
PURPOSE OF CITY GUIDE SERVICE City guide will be the service that allows users to search and find place near to user’s location. You can… Read More
Given a binary tree. Modify it in such a way that after modification you can have a preorder traversal of it using only the right… Read More
Huffman Encoding is an important topic from GATE point of view and different types of questions are asked from this topic. Before understanding this article,… Read More
Given a range find total such numbers in the given range such that they have no repeated digits. For example: 12 has no repeated digit.… Read More
Given an IP Address and task is to change the IP address equivalent the hexadecimal value. Examples: Input : Output : 0x7f000001 Input :… Read More
Given a string that contains only numeric digits, we need to check whether that strings contains numbers in consecutive sequential manner in increasing order. Note: Negative… Read More
If you are going to perform concatenation in C++, some of the things you must be kept in mind are: If a+b is an expression… Read More
Given Preorder traversal of a Binary Search Tree. Then the task is print leaf nodes of the Binary Search Tree from the given preorder. Examples… Read More
The isblank()function returns non-zero if ch is a character for which isspace() returns true and is used to separate words. Thus for English, the blank… Read More
Having programmed for many years in many languages, I often find myself thinking in English pseudo-code, then I translate my thoughts into whatever artificial syntax… Read More

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