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Campus placement season is ongoing at almost all the colleges and each one of us wants to prepare to do the best. This article focuses on… Read More
Prerequisite : Pointers and References Q.1 What Is The Output Of this program? #include <iostream> using namespace std; void fun(int& a, int b) {     a… Read More
Implementation of Insertion Sort using STL functions. Pre-requisites : Insertion Sort, std::rotate, std::upper_bound, C++ Iterators. The idea is to use std::upper_bound to find an element… Read More
500 students were selected for online test and cgpa criteria was 7.0 cgpa. Online Test The online test was conducted on HackerEarth. Three questions were… Read More
A major drawback of Macro in C/C++ is that the arguments are strongly typed checked i.e. a macro can operate on different types of variables(like… Read More
Prerequisite: Structure and UnionQUE.1 What is the output of this program?  C #include <stdio.h> struct sample {     int a = 0;     char b = 'A';… Read More
How to round off a floating point value to two places. For example, 5.567 should become 5.57 and 5.534 should become 5.53 First Method:- Using… Read More
To know more about what a shell is, click here. We all use the built in terminal window in Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. But… Read More
Write a program in C++ that prints “Hello World”, it has a main function and body of main function is empty. Recommended: Please try your… Read More
Recently OYO Rooms came to our campus to hire full-time for role of software engineer. Round 1: Online Test 20 MCQs on data structures, OS,… Read More
Question: Write a program that receives a number as input and prints it in large size on a same line as shown below in the… Read More
The aptitude test was of 75 minutes and had two parts: 1. MCQs and 2. Coding Just before the test started a sample test consisting… Read More
Given two integers x and n, we need to find number of ways to express x as sum of n-th powers of unique natural numbers.… Read More
Arista Networks visited our campus to offer internships. Online Coding Round 1 : The test was on Hackerrank and we were given 3 coding problems.… Read More
Given a number ‘n’ and our goal is to find out it is palindrome or not without using any extra space. We can’t make a new… Read More
Rounds: 1. Aptitude Round 2. Technical Round M1 3. Technical Round M2 4. Technical Round M3 5. HR Round Aptitude Round: There were 20 MCQs… Read More
Online Round: It consisted of 3 coding questions to be solved in 75mins. Given a range [m,n] , print the count of numbers having distinct… Read More
Given an integer array and an integer k. The array elements denote positions of points on a 1-D number line, find the maximum size of… Read More
Given an array and two integers say, x and y, find the number of subarrays in which the number of occurrences of x is equal… Read More
I recently interviewed at Amazon for the SDE-2 position. Round – 1 This round was taken by the hiring manager 1. did you ever have… Read More

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