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JavaScript Project Ideas with Source Code

Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2024
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JavaScript is a lightweight, cross-platform, single-threaded, and interpreted compiled programming language. it is a programming language that allows you to create dynamic and interactive website content. It enables you to implement complex features on web pages, such as displaying timely updates, interactive maps, animated 2D/3D graphics, scrolling video jukeboxes, etc.

In this article, you’ll find the Top 80+ latest JavaScript projects with source code and Ideas that benefit both beginners and experienced professionals. Whether you’re a final-year student aiming for a standout resume or someone building a career, These JS projects provide hands-on experience that will be valuable for learning and practicing.

JavaScript Project

JavaScript Projects

These JS Projects are categorized based on their level of difficulty, starting from basic JavaScript projects. The next 20 to 60 projects are considered intermediate-level JavaScript projects, while the remaining projects are classified as advanced-level JavaScript projects.

JavaScript Projects With Source Code [2024]

These JavaScript projects have been created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML and CSS were used to design the user interface, while JavaScript was utilized to add functionality to the projects. Let’s Start!

Sr. No.


1 Price Range Slider with Min-Max Input
2 Lorem Ipsum Generator
3 Data Export and Import
4 GitHub Profile Search
5 Toast Notification
6 Bookmark Landing Page
7 Multi-Step Progress Bar
8 Button Loading Animation
9 Animated Click Effect
10 Create a Pagination
11 Align Social Media Icons Vertically
12 Notes App Design
13 Popup Box Design
14 Prime Number Finder
15 Anagram Checker App
16 Anagram Counter
17 Password Strength Checker
18 Wikipedia Search
19 Quiz App with Timer
20 Autoplay Carousel
21 Letter Hover Effect
22 Expense Tracker
23 Sortable and Filterable Table
24 Dynamic Resume Builder
25 Star Rating Design
26 Employee Database Management System
27 Password Generator App
28 Age Calculator
29 Nested Chat Comments
30 Number System Converter
31 OTP Input Field
32 Word Guessing Game
33 Calculator Design
34 Length Converter
35 Aspect Ratio Calculator
36 Simple Counter Design
37 Landing page
38 Simple Calendar
39 Wwn Link tree
40 Stack Visualizer
41 Responsive Admin Dashboard
42 Responsive Sliding Login & Registration Form
43 Word and Character Counter
44 Multiplication Quiz Webapp
45 Create a Stopwatch
46 Temperature Converter
47 Randomly Change Image Color
48 Tap-the-Geek Game
49 Simple Image Editor
50 Pay Role Management Webpage
51 Sentence Translator
52 Image Slider
53 Percentage calculator
54 Dark Mode for Websites
55 Student Grade Calculator
56 Curved Active Tab in Navigation Menu
57 Incremental and Decremental Counter
58 Create an Analog Clock
59 Hit the Mouse Game
60 Expanding Cards
61 Tip Calculator
62 Image Gallery
63 Loan Calculator
64 BMI Calculator
65 Rock, Paper, and Scissor Game
66 Hex Color Generator
67 Background Color Changer
68 Crack-The-Code Game
69 Dragon’s World Game
70 Tic-Tac-Toe Game
71 Binary Calculator
72 Preview Image on Click in Gallery View
73 Emoji Generator
74 Word Scramble Game
75 Search Bar Design
76 Create a Coin Flip
77 QR Code Generator
78 Resize and Compress Images
79 Digital Clock
80 QR Code Scanner or Reader
81 Task Scheduler
82 Spy Number Checker

Frequently Asked Questions on JavaScript Projects

Why do we need to build JavaScript projects?

Constructing JavaScript projects is beneficial for anyone in web development, as well as those who aspire to establish a career in this field. Building projects can assist you in numerous ways, such as strengthening your CV and gaining practical coding experience.

How do I start a JS project?

Here is the process we follow while making a project:

  • Choose an Idea: Pick a project that matches your interests and skill level.
  • Gather Your Tools: Use a code editor (e.g., Visual Studio Code) and consider frameworks like React for complexity.
  • Plan and Structure: Break your project into manageable tasks and plan its design.
  • Start development: Begin writing your code, referring to documentation as needed.
  • Test and Improve: Debug and refine your project through continuous testing.

What are some good JavaScript projects?

Here are some JS Project Ideas by Difficulty:

  • Beginner-level JS Projects: Interactive To-Do List, Guessing Game, Interactive Quiz.
  • Intermediate-level JS Projects: Weather App, Simple Calculator, Drawing App.
  • Advanced-level JS Projects: Single-Page Application (SPA), Real-time Chat Application, Interactive Data Visualization.

What is the future of JavaScript?

JavaScript is still in demand in 2024. The future of JavaScript looks promising, with ongoing enhancements that continue to expand its capabilities and performance. It’s set to maintain its pivotal role in web development, integrating more seamlessly with emerging technologies for even more powerful applications

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