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10 Best Angular Projects Ideas For Beginners

Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2023
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Angular Project Ideas are bringing revolution to many sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and so on. This is because those ideas are full of encouragement and efficiency as they aren’t only time-saving but resourceful too. Also, such ideas are packed with useful components and award-winning features that programmers and developers may use to increase the end quality of the software products created by many business ventures. Keeping in mind the practical needs of the users and the basics of AngularJS, a few Angular project ideas for beginners are presented below that may sneak into your thoughts. 


Best Angular Project Ideas for Beginners

Before building Angular projects, you should have knowledge of JavaScript fundamentals and DOM. Below Angular Projects ideas are meant to help you get started with Angular and explore its features. You can also scale these projects and customize features according to your requirements.

Let’s learn about such worthwhile ideas which newbies find interesting for gaining hands-on experience on Angular:

1.  Simple Currency Converter  

Simple Currency Converter is an Angular project which reciprocates exchange rates of different currencies. Those currencies could be dollars, pounds, rupees, and so on. Also, you can use this to plan your travel or calculate expenses of education bound to the spectrum of financial markets. In addition, this currency converter lets you add multiple countries, and later, you can check the historical data and the futuristic fluctuations in fixed, pegged float, and floating exchange rates. Based on your current location, Simple Currency Convertor auto-selects the currency facilitated by beautiful designs and price configurations. All you need to do is start working on this project and explore how it works well in decreasing the frustration of multiple customers.    

2. Place Locator  

The Place Locator Angular project aims at finding the exact location of a person by identifying its geological coordinates. Those who are recognized as frequent travelers and geologists may now traverse to unknown places without any fear of getting lost. Simply, the work of this project is relatable to that of Google Maps because you can find hotels, stadiums, shops, petrol stations, and much more in a much simpler way. With no stress, you must start working on this hottest AngularJs project and let your audience access every powerful component of this project consisting of preconfigured APIs, and sophisticated GIS mapping techniques backed by customized data sources fulfilling the users’ requirements well.  

3. Electronic Musical Instrument

With an Electronic musical instrument project, you can possibly synthesize filtered sounds through a variety of techniques. Thinking about what those techniques could be! They are consonance, repetition, rhythm, alliteration, and much more. All of them are solely capable of evoking emotional responses somewhere engaged with delivering the exact healing impact to the existing audience. To create this personal MINI-STUDIO of yours, it would be better to use Web Audio API synchronizing well with browsers like Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera. Such an innovative Angular project idea whose source code can be downloaded from any of the reliable portals like GitHub will do wonders when its variable sound tones will bring forth relaxation from severe headaches and boosts your confidence up by imbibing positive patterns in your brain.  

4. Bootstrap Theme Generators  

With Bootstrap Theme Generators, you can do styling like changing the fonts, colors, and borders of your websites. You should be feeling proud while doing this Angular project as it is a rare gem of AngularJS. The framework used can capably maintain as well as encourage consistencies across its libraries and tools which can be employed for creating websites of variable UI components and page layouts. Now, you can customize the appearance of input fields and other interface elements of the websites with such theme generators consisting of improved API, customized docs, updated forms, and exclusive RTL support.

5. Angular Bare Bones Project

Angular Bare Bones project displays Angular routing. Such routing supports a number of routing components like RouterOutlet, RouterLink, RouterModule, and other imported routes. Also, the easy-to-serve understandable code has made this project a preferred alternative for AngularJS beginners. In this Angular project, you may expect a single feature component i.e. Barebones injected with data dependency and flexible routing between the homepage and the feature component. For running this project, you first install Node.js (a platform for building scalable network applications efficiently). Then, you would be installing the Angular CLI (via npm install -g @angular/cli). At last, what you will be doing is running npm install (for successfully installing app dependencies) and then, running ng serve -o for launching the Bare Bones application based on the event-driven AngularJS model.    

6. Compodoc

Compodoc is your CLI-friendly AngularJS project which can be used for creating documentation of any of the digital products. Being a useful tool, it reliably provides support to all the popular APIs of the Angular framework. Such popular APIs are routes, modules, components, directives, classes, and other mandatory elements of Angular JavaScript. Thinking about if this project consists of a search engine! Yes, the search engine is there, which lets the developers access the required information through convenient and user-friendly navigation in real time. One of the best parts – Compdoc has eight themes in total to date which are flexibly extracted from powerful automation tools like Vagrant, Gitbook, Read the Docs, Postmark, Laravel, Stripe, and Material Design. Besides, one can robustly generate offline documentation whose content lies on the right while the primary endpoints are situated on the left side.  

7. Room Banking System  

Room Banking System must be considered as an eye-opening AngularJS project. This is because it will let you track as well as manage all the info related to bookings, number of rooms, payments (pending or successful), customers, and hotels. With this system, you can check the real-time status of rooms and this is beneficial for customers (like guests) to check their occupancy status from the comfort of their homes. Are you worried about the security of this project? You better need not take stress because only the administrator can alter or access the information stored in this system. So, it is much easier to manage and integrate all the records of the customers staying in the hotels with the reports generated by the Room Booking System.  

8. URL Shortener  

No doubt, URL Shortener can be added to the list of trending AngularJs projects. You might be thinking about how this URL shortener is hosted! The answer is – Polr. It is an open-source and self-hostable modern software written in PHP, powered by Lumen. The database, Polar uses, is fully managed by MySQL which can control all your listed or non-listed hyperlinks well. The basic feature of a URL shortener is to model and shorten various types of URLs supporting general and trendy themes. Curious to create your own URL shortener? Yes, you can develop the same after leveraging fewer strains of MongoDB, and TypeScript.      

9. Tic Tac Toe  

Tic Tac Toe is a game of crosses [XXX] and noughts [OOO] which we used to play via pen-and-paper during our childhoods. Imagining if the same can be invented through AngularJS! Yeah, with the appropriate use of BootStrap, default code components, and Command-Line Interface, we can officially create this multiplayer game in a 4*4, 3*3, or any other grids. All of them comprise attributes that may articulate well the users’ requirements dynamically in real-time working environments. The benefit of implementing all is that they will make the game more interesting by manipulating the turn and movement of each player participating. Indeed, the scores modeled transparently will help in determining who is the loser and who is the winner. In the end, you can deploy this artificially smart application progressively as a web app for letting the users either a child or a 45-year-old person develop and implement strategies that can prevent or make them win against the participants competing with them in the opposite or same lines. This Angular Project is very easy to build and can help you learn multiple concepts of AngularJs.

10. Notepad Application

Notepad Application, no doubt, is a wonderful choice for the AngularJS project for beginners. You can call this your digital pocket app through which you can create, modify, or add new notes. Such notes would be related to the retailer or wholesaler’s data or the main points of your research saved in a concise way. Also, this app allows you to organize (or reorder if required) the notes on the basis of the date and time they were modified. Thinking about how to create such a robust application! The answer is – you may use a smart combination of technologies like Bootstrap, Angular CLI, and NodeJS for the creation of your Notepad application.

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Angular is one of the popular JavaScript frameworks for building single-page Applications. Beginners prefer this framework for building projects due to its ease to use, fast development speed, and better efficiency in building projects. The above-suggested projects are very helpful for beginners because it offers multiple features and functionalities to add and with time they can also scale those projects after getting expertise in Angular. You should consider Angular because it is extensively used in the industry. The above-discussed Projects offer a wide range of functionalities and each project offers unique challenges and opportunities.

FAQs: Angular Project Ideas for Beginners

1. What are the Best Angular Project ideas for Beginners?

These are some of the best Angular Projects Ideas you can consider

1. Simple Currency Converter  
2. Place Locator  
3. Electronic Musical Instrument
4. Bootstrap Theme Generators  
5. Angular Bare Bones Project

2. What is Angular best for?

Angular is a JavaScript Framework for building frontend single page-applications. It is manages by google and used to build large scale software application due to its faster development process.

3. Which language is best for Angular?

TypeScript, Since Angular is a framework that is written in TypeScript, and it has the ability to better restructure your Angular code, so TypeScript has become a clear reason to learn Angular.

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