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12 Best Full Stack Project Ideas in 2024

Last Updated : 02 Jan, 2024
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The more you practice, the more you learn anything. When you talk about learning web or software development, it is all about practice. And the best way to practice is by getting your hands dirty on projects. Whichever technology you learn, you should build some awesome projects to have a good grip/command on it.

When we talk about technology, Full Stack Development / Web Development has been ranking first among the best or highest-paying IT Jobs. It has become the most interesting field for coders. Since full-stack development has gained a lot of craze in tech society, you might be thinking what are some of the best full-stack development project ideas?

To answer this question, let’s try out some of the best full-stack projects for beginners.

full stack projects ideas 2024

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Best Full Stack Project Ideas in 2024

Here are a top 10 full-stack project ideas in 2024 which you must look at.

1. E-Commerce Platform

In this digitized era, people have become so much dependent on technology. The use of such platforms where you can buy and sell products digitally is a boon to every one of us. Since this platform is of high use, hence building the e-commerce platform is the best. It is basically a web-based application in which users can buy and sell products online. The best example of such platforms can be Amazon, Flipkart, etc. A UI tells about your product hence, build a feature-rich UI. This app can be built with excellent features such as – a UI displaying each section (order history, products in categories, a search bar, profile, a login and logout page, a secure online payment method), and a proper database management system to keep records of the data.

If you’re a full-stack developer, you must definitely try building an e-commerce app since it is the best full-stack project idea. You need to have a good knowledge of the below-mentioned concepts:

For Frontend:

For Backend:

2. Tutorial App

Another best full stack project ideas is Tutorial App. COVID has given birth to online classes, recorded sessions, and other online resources, hence building such apps would be of great help to students and even working professionals. This tutorial app can have pre-recorded sessions (maybe free or paid), be they video-based or content-based. It may have content for topics based on school-level, college-level, or specialized domains. 

Using MERN/MEAN can help you to build such projects. So, if you’re one who wants to build something which enhances your skill and also acts as a contribution to society, this full-stack project idea is the best.

3. Social Media App

So much talking about learning, now let’s try some entertainment with learning. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook rule the world and have millions of users, so building something similar, will attract users if you’ve created an awesome UI. Develop a feature-rich, efficient, and secure social media app. Before working on it, think of features that you would want in your apps such as a chatting option, profile viewing, and a section to upload pictures, content, and videos. 

It contains data in millions and billions, storing and managing large chunks of data digitally is not an easy task, so make sure to build a secure database management system at the back end. 

4. Gaming App

Another best full-stack project idea is a gaming app. Fun with learning is a great way to work on projects. Building a gaming app that attracts customers is a great project idea to work on. You can work on card games such as UNO where re are 3-4 players and each player gets 7 cards. Here, players have to try to get rid of all cards as early as possible and one who does that wins the game. 

You can try developing something similar to UNO. Work on the backend part which stores data of all the players and learns from its past experience. Developing such apps as a full-stack developer is in demand and useful. 

5. Data Analytics App

During COVID, it was very difficult to handle the mortality rate and manage data based on it. Hence, developing an app that manages your data and keeps them segregated based on category wise is of great help. Data Analytics App is the best full-stack project idea that developers can try.

You need to create a UI that displays an enter button to enter data be it in a sheet or a single item. Also, create a login-logout page to maintain security. Work on the backend part so well as this will be responsible to manage it. So, choose DBMS precisely. 

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6. Food Delivery App

With advancements in technology, everything has become online. Hence, with this, the idea of food delivery apps came into existence (Zomato, Swiggy, etc). Be it a beginner or advanced professional, you can build this app with a few extra features. A beginner can just work on building the front end with minimum features whereas an experienced professional can work on the complete app with extra functionality. 

Some of the features include a list of food items on the front page, a search bar to search for the desired food, a cart option, and adding a payment method. These are the basic features a food delivery app must have. This is the best full-stack project idea you can work on. For this, you must have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, also you can choose a framework to use and a reliable database to manage data.

7. Project Management App (Trello)

Every industry uses a project management app to schedule a task and check its progress. Every employee in the company uses such an app to prioritize task and complete it on time. This is one of the best full-stack project ideas a developer can work on. This app helps individuals to manage his/her task which in return smoothens the work in the company. 

This app may have a dashboard representing tasks allotted to the user by his/her senior. This app has three sections – the pending, the ongoing, and the completed section. As the tasks get completed, the user (employee) can move them to the completed section. These three sections help you to manage it properly. Also, you can include a timer to complete the allotted task within the timeframe. Working on this project and adding it to your resume will create a good impact on the recruiter and you’ll be able to crack tech interviews easily.

8. Portfolio Website

Your achievements are your assets. Hence, they should always be collected in a place where you don’t lose them. Therefore, a portfolio website is the best full-stack project idea. A portfolio website is an online website where an individual’s work is showcased and this can be used in your resume to add value to it.

It must include all the achievements you have, and all the milestones you’ve reached. The website should include a create post wherein you can make new entries of the achievements, edit posts to make changes in the post, and delete posts if you’ve created a wrong entry accidentally. Also, an “upload image” section where you can upload your certificates. The portfolio, in short, must represent you and your skills.

9. Content Management System

Content Management System is another big idea for full stack projects for beginners. It is a system that works on managing content, allowing participants to create, edit and publish content. The data here is stored in a database and displayed as a set of templates like a website. 

In this project, you can work on implementing several features such as drag-and-drop interfaces to create a web page, adding text, images, videos, required elements, buttons to do several tasks, etc. The best example of a content management system is WordPress. WordPress is a CMS allowing you to host and build websites. 

10. Job Application

Another best full-stack project idea is Job Application. Getting a job is everyone’s requirement after studies, thus, it becomes very important to have an application where you can apply for jobs after filtering out your criteria. This application should have several features database containing job information, working on filters and criteria, etc. 

This project is a fun project to work on, you’ll enjoy working on it by adding some amazing features like connecting with the company’s data for vacancies, filtering out roles employees seek, and many more. This project is a must to try working on.

11. Grocery Delivery App

You might have heard of these popular grocery delivery apps – Zepto, Blinkit, etc. These are grocery delivery apps that now every second person has become used to. It includes features like a list of food items categorized as packed items, fruits, sweets, and salties, order history, payment gateway, tracking your order feature, and many more.

This app is a blessing to those who get no time for shopping. This full-stack project idea is the best one for a full-stack developer. You can either build an app with minimal features or one with advanced features. 

12. Work-Out Tracker

In this busy world, it becomes very important for you to take care of your health. This is where the workout tracker full stack project comes into the picture. In this application, the dashboard is set like you can track your heart rate, and footsteps covered within the day. 

Some of the best examples of workout trackers include FitBit and many more. Features to include in the workout tracker app are comparing your work report with the competitors, tracking heartbeat and health rates, setting reminders/alarms for activities, scheduling tasks, etc.


Although there are various project ideas that you definitely try, these above-mentioned were some of the best project ideas on full-stack development. Do try them once and add them to your resume to add value to it. You will be skillful technology-wise once you work on at least 3-4 projects. Hence, give your hands-on practice by working on projects. Keep Learning and Keep Working on full stack projects for beginners.

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Best Full Stack Projects Ideas: FAQs

1. Can I learn full stack in 3 months?

To learn any skill, there’s no such time limit fixed as learning is limitless. If you want to be a full-stack developer, learning it in 3 months/90 days isn’t enough. Although, you can gain the required knowledge about full-stack development in 3 months to get a high-paying job. 

2. How much a full-stack developer earns?

A full-stack developer’s salary in India differs as one gains experience. Thus, experience is directly proportional to salary. The average salary of a full-stack developer in India is as given below:

  • In MNCs – 6 LPA
  • In Product-Based Company – 11 LPA

3. What are the best full-stack developer projects for beginners?

Some of the best full-stack developer projects for beginners include:

  • To-Do List 
  • Chat Application
  • Blog Website
  • E-Commerce App with minimal feature

4. What are the latest trends in full-stack development?

Some of the latest trends in full-stack development include:

  • Programming languages: JavaScript is considered the best language for front-end as well as back-end development.
  • Frameworks: React and Angular is considered the most commonly used framework for front-end and NodeJS and ExpressJS for back-end while building a website.

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