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Top 7 Node.js Project Ideas For Beginners

Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2024
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Web developers mostly focus on how to create an eye-catching UI, but almost everything on which UI (front-end) functionality is dependent is Back-End. Back-End development, also known as server-side development focuses primarily on databases, servers, and APIs through which page is rendered, routes are created, real-time data are handled. And to bring out some awesome back-end projects, developers rely on tools like NodeJS. It is the 6th most popular technology used by programmers according to Stack Overflow. It is an open-source and JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. The basic use of NodeJS is non-blocking, event-driven servers, back-end API services and is designed to build scalable network applications. 

NodeJS Project Ideas for Beginners

Why use NodeJS to build backend projects? NodeJS stores data in native JSON format thus making it fast, using the “Single Threaded Event Loop Model” to handle multiple existing clients. It works on different platforms irrespective of operating systems generally, supports Linux, Windows, macOS, and mobile platforms. It can be used on both the frontend and backend sides of the application which accelerates the development process. NodeJS has real-time communication support and handles a large amount of information very efficiently.

You would also love to know that companies like Uber, Yahoo, Netflix, NASA, PayPal, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. uses NodeJS in their application. Isn’t it amazing? Also, some most popular Full-Stack technologies like MERN (MongoDB, Express.js, React, NodeJS) and MEAN (MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, NodeJS) which are also most demanding, uses NodeJS as their server-side implementation.

Libraries Created upon on NodeJS:

  • Express.js
  • Nest.js
  • Sequelize and many more.

In this blog, we will discuss the Top 7 NodeJS Project Ideas for Beginners. So let’s get started.

NodeJS Project Ideas for Beginners

Below are the top Node.js Project ideas in 2024 along with respective feature of each project.

1. Books Directory

If you’re a beginner, start with the books directory, which is the basic project created using NodeJS and Express.js. Build a book directory or an app with having a collection of books where you can create endpoints using 4 basic methods: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. Do check whether NodeJS and MongoDB are installed in prior, modules like nodemon to auto-restart NodeJS, server, body-parser to read & display response in JSON form, and other required modules. Keep index.js as the root file from where you can redirect to other sub-components and files.

Features of Books Directory:

  • Management of database using POSTMAN.
  • Search bar to search for the required book.
  • Side menu option which lists all the authors, genres, etc.
  • Ensuring whether proper API calls are made and routes are connected.

Technologies to use: Nodejs, Express, MongoDB (NoSQL database).

2. Portfolio App

This app built using NodeJS focuses on the collection and management of data be it an income portfolio, growth portfolio, or any other. It consists of the server which provides data on request, the database which organizes the information, and the application that channels it. The server should respond with the request made by the client. Here, you can also use CRUD operation to create, read, update and delete entries. It should have a display feature to display the updated data. The user’s profile to manage personal information should also be encrypted.

Features of Portfolio App:

  • Manages the data.
  • Data Analysis to produce the appropriate output. 
  • Secure the app by deploying physical database security.
  • A Submit button to submit all the details entered by the user.
  • Defining separate routes for each navigation.

Technologies to use: HTML, CSS, Responsiveness.

3. Real-Time Chat

This chat demonstrates real-time message transferring from one source to another.  The process starts with the client sending regular HTTP requests to the server. With the knowledge of web sockets and, it becomes easy to code. The real-time communication support feature of NodeJS can be used here. Here, the messages get updated without refreshing the page which can be done using routers. can be used to build real-time applications which can be used to receive and send messages. The use of mongoose provides a lot of convenience in the creation and management of data in MongoDB. Moment helps you manipulate and format dates in JavaScript. Moreover, this application represents Messenger.

Features of this app:

  • Voice and Video chat.
  • Real-time data transfer.
  • Undo, delete, or archive a chat.
  • Login/Logout

Technologies to use:, Express.js, Mongoose, jQuery, Moment.

4. Job Search App

This particular app describes searching for a job that is relevant to their domain or area of interest. Different components can be created underneath index.js which serves as the root file. These components have program code for API calls, posting details of job search, error messages in case of wrong entry. Personal data of users like contact numbers, emails can be protected using Helmet. It is a NodeJS package that contains 11 security modules that you can use to ensure that your JavaScript backend remains robust to avoid data loss and insecure connections. 

Features of Job Search App:

  • Filter option to get the required job.
  • Handles the user’s data.
  • Profile management.
  • Tools Section like email alerts and notifications.

Technologies to use: Helmet, Routers.

5. NLP (Natural Language Processing) 

This application takes human interaction to a new level. The basic purpose of this application is to convert a voice-based message to a text-based one. For this, you can use Natural Language Process (NLP.js is a general natural language utility for NodeJS) which is a node package used for automatic language identify, entity extraction and supports 40 languages. This project provides a GUI-based service that can be created to analyze log files, using knowledge-based AI and NLP to extract and form intelligence to better support customers and increase sales.

Features of NLP:

  • Converts voice to text.
  • Using the REST server, access to the knowledge base can be provided.
  • Builds a knowledge base containing raw and processed data and solutions via a machine learning training model.
  • Structured JSON objects can be parsed to raw log files.

Technologies to use: Node: NLP, Express.js, NodeJS.

6. Task Manager

A task Manager is an app that manages your day-to-day tasks and helps in a smooth workflow. This application also requires CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operation to be followed. Create a main index.js file to run the application, routers to provide proper routing to other paths, models to store data in the database, a database that collects data, middleware that can be used for authentication, other than this we can have default packages needed to run the application. Node.exe is an executable file that contains everything software developers need to run NodeJS applications. It is well suited for software where you’d maintain a persistent connection from the browser back to the server.

Features include:

  • User authentication.
  • Encrypted password of users.
  • File uploading button.
  • Calendar.
  • Task Tracker.

Technologies to use Mongoose, Express.js, SendGrid, NodeJS.

7. Email Sender

While building this project, you can learn the process of sending and scheduling emails in NodeJS. You can use the Nodemailer plugin which makes sending of email easier and offers different features like adding HTML in an email. Also, those emails which you receive during the user verification process are done using NodeJS. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) technology can be used to send outgoing emails across networks and used as the most common transport method. It also serves as a relay service to send emails from one server to another.

Features of Email Sender:

  • Notifications of delivered and received messages.
  • Send copies to many.
  • Has an address book to store information of different addresses.
  • Has attachment option.

Technologies to use Nodemailer plugin, HTML, Express.JS, SMTP.

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