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Web Development Project Ideas

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Projects are the sources which helps you to connect with real world and tackle the problems of the environment. To start with web development at first you need to know about frontend, which is generally handled by HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Going forward for advance developments you have to learn DBMS and other backend services.

1. Beginners Project Ideas:

Simple UI based: You can achieve this by using frontend only. It is basically a user interface which interact with user and it totally depends upon your creativity to implement your ideas.

  • Clocks
  • Animation CSS (loading animations)
  • Templates — you can make different templates and store them inside a library, which can be used in further advance level projects.

Basic API Calls: Generally API(Application Programming Interface) used to interact with two applications and to access data.

  • COVID Tracker App — By calling an API, we can access the data set and perform different operations. You can use Rapid API for free APIs.

Basic Database Storage: You can store user inputs using any database and display within your projects.

  • Store User Data
  • Form Inputs
  • Recipe Book (find APIs from any free API websites like Rapid API)

2. Intermediate Project Ideas: For this level of projects, we can use some libraries and frameworks like Angular, React etc.

Combining both API and Database:

  • Movie Database — You can use IMDb API call and show movie name, its ratings, release dates, etc.
  • Meme generator — In this case, you can call an API for many images and edit and generate memes.
  • User Activity Tracker — You can store user activity duration in different tabs and apps and show it.

Chrome Extension Development: This is an excellent idea to build some chrome extensions  This gives a better impact on your resume.

  • Create Notes — In this extension, you can take note from any tab no need to move to any notepad.
  • Get Random Jokes — In this extension, it can provide random jokes in meantime of any activity.
  • Timer/Stop Watch — In this extension, you can design a clock which helps you any exams or tasks.
  • Color Picker — In this extension, you can pick any color or its hex codes.

Open Source contributions: Generally it is a public software which codes are available to everyone to use and modify. You can find many open source projects here.

3. Advance Project Ideas: Basically from advance level projects, you can select your major projects and any start-up ideas. For this type of development you have to know about frontend and backend with any database.

Full Stack Platform: Quora For College — You can develop something like this in which all students of your college or other colleges can create a community and ask questions.

Using Machine Learning: In this era machine learning is taking an edge in every sector. So, leading to that we can also embed this into our web development projects to give it a different approach.

  • Carbonize Image — In this case, you take any image and carbonize it.
  • Person does not exist — In this case, you can create a totally different person’s image who even does not exist.

Blockchain Integration: This is a powerful technology, which can be used to optimize processes and enhance security. 

  • Online Voting
  • Online Identity

Hope you got your idea which you are looking for!!!

Last Updated : 31 Dec, 2020
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