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Top 10 Front-End Web Development Projects For Beginners

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2024
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The best method to acquire any skill is to put it into practice by working on projects, however many people think they know everything after watching tutorials. However, this is incorrect; they do not create any projects on their own. All of these factors apply to Front-End Web Development as well; if you want to be a great Front-End Web Developer, constructing projects on your own will not only increase your confidence, but it will also progressively make your portfolio job-ready by adding projects that you will make.


So, here is a thorough list of Front-End Web Development Projects that every aspiring Front-End Web Developer must complete.

1. ToDo list using ReactJS

Building ToDo application is the most basic project to test the knowledge of React. It will covers all the basic concept which a beginner should know while learning is covered. To duplicate the original, go into as much detail as possible. To style the application this application uses React-Bootstrap. This to-do list can add new tasks we can also delete the tasks by clicking on them. The logic is handled by a click event handler whenever the user clicks on a task it gets deleted from the list.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React.

2. Build your own Portfolio Site

Building a personal portfolio website is one of the most simple yet tough front-end project ideas. You might begin by using your website as a resume. This means you can add information to the website about your experience, talents, and expertise. For this reason, many freelance web designers and developers have lovely personal portfolio websites. To maintain the website entertaining, original, and interactive, you’ll need to apply your ReactJS, and JavaScript skills. You should be able to organize a webpage with ReactJS JSX, style its elements with CSS. Also, to upgrade your ReactJS skills you can enroll in Geeksforgeeks Learn ReactJS and give your career a hike in web development. 

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React.

3. PacMan game using React

While learning the frontend development you might think that it is not easy to build a big app or any game by just using ReactJS. But you can easily create many games with the help of ReactJS. In the PacMan game it includes classic features like the maze, pellets, and ghosts, and learn some cool React stuff along the way. The game will be easy to play with arrow keys, and we’ll add extras like keeping score and power pellets. It’s like bringing the old Pacman joy into today’s browsers with a modern twist! Just click “Start” and enjoy.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React.

Similar Games: HangMan game, PingPong Game, Flappy Bird Game, Tenzies Game, Snake Game and many more.

4. Expense Tracker using React

When you are living fsr from your home or when you go on a trip with friends it is very important to track your expenses so that you can manage things according to your budget and not overspent. The Expense Tracker project is a web application developed using React. Its main purpose is to assist users in keeping track of their expenses. With this app, users can easily add, and delete expenses to view a summary of their spending habits as well and it will show the available balance the user has left.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React.

5. Typing Speed Tester using React

When you are new in the development field on started using computers and laptop your speed of typing from the keyboard is very slow. You need to usedto to the keyboard and find different methods to increase your typing speed. Typing Speed Tester app will definitely reduces some of your effort by tracking your typing speed and motivates you to improve it. Typing Speed Tester will provides a random paragraph for the user to type as accurately and quickly as possible within a fixed time limit of one minute. This application also displays the time remaining, counts mistakes calculates the words per minute and characters per minute, and updates these all dynamically in real time. Users can reset the game by clicking the reset button and can try again with a new paragraph.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, React.

6. JavaScript Music Player

For Front-End Web Development, creating a JavaScript Music Player can be a feasible choice. Everyone should focus on expanding the application’s functionality as a new JavaScript developer, but design and user-experience decisions become more difficult to make without fundamental graphics and architecture in place. So, here’s the architecture, which is divided into three thematic buckets: CSS (adding styling to each element defined in the HTML file) JavaScript (adding elements for audio, player buttons, and music information) (adding functionality when HTML elements are clicked). Advanced Javascript-Self Paced will help you to grab advanced functions of JavaScript.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript, ReactJS.

7. Build your own QR Code Reader

Barcodes and QR codes have revolutionized the way we shop. Customers can now use their smartphones to scan a product and obtain information such as the price or where they can purchase it. It also removes the need to type in long codes on a website, such as activation codes or model numbers, making their purchase experience more convenient. You don’t require a native phone app to read QR codes, contrary to popular belief. Websites that operate on a smart device with a camera may be able to accomplish this. HTML and JavaScript will be used, but the most significant element will be the use of a JS library that can decode the QR code. The good news is that you won’t have to build QR Code Reader from the ground up because there are lots of excellent libraries available for this purpose.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript

8. Build a Calculator

A Calculator project with basic arithmetic operations functionalities like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will be highly useful to a novice who has the essential knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You’ll need to design a user interface with buttons for entering data and a display screen for displaying the results. In a grid-like format, the CSS Grid can be used to align buttons and a screen. As a minimum, you should be familiar with If-else statements, loops, operators, JavaScript functions, event listeners, and so on. 

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

9. Build a Weather App

A weather application can be created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You may use the Open Weather Map API to add weather information. In this project, you may also use AngularJS. To make your website look nice, you can use design-oriented libraries. The Open Weather Map API will provide you with the essential weather information for various locations, and it will be your job to present that information in a pleasant manner. After completing this project, you’ll be familiar with various JS, Angular, and AJAX components. Also, you can use the two building blocks HTML and CSS, by going through Top 10 Projects For Beginners To Practice HTML and CSS Skills and create some amazing applications. 

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

10. Build a JavaScript Quiz

When you first start learning JavaScript, figuring out how to put what you’ve learned into practice and choosing a project that fits within your skillset might be difficult. Building a little quiz game is a great place to start. You’ll have to deal with highly abstract logic, and it’ll be up to you to control and/or expand the range of quiz difficulty. Begin by creating a simple game with four multiple-choice questions. While making these questions up, assign correct answers to each of them. You’ll learn a lot about data management and creating a scoring system while programming.

Skills Required: HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

Apart form these Frontend Development projects there are a ton of projects which you can make with the help of these technologies:

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