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7 Best React Project Ideas For Beginners in 2024

Last Updated : 28 Feb, 2024
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Looking to embark on a journey into React projects? Dive into the world of React with these exciting project ideas. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer, these projects offer a hands-on approach to mastering React.Best React Project Ideas for Beginners

From simple calculator apps to complex social media platforms, there’s something for everyone. Let’s explore the best React project ideas for beginners and take your skills to the next level.

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Best React Project Ideas for Beginners

React is a JavaScript library used to build single-page applications which work on User Interfaces. But wait! Why React? What makes React on top of various frameworks? It divides the content into components thus making it reusable, making it unique. Got your answer! If you’re a beginner, there’s a suggestion to through “The Complete Guide on React“.  Building React projects can only help you to move from your basic to intermediate to advanced level. 

So in this article, we will discuss the Best React Project Ideas for Beginners.

1. Calculator App

To begin. let’s move to the smallest and most useful React project idea. The calculator app would be the best example. Open the Visual Editor or any other editor and use the command: npx create-react-app calc where calc is your filename, create a basic application wherein you can do the required changes in several files. You can also install in-built libraries if needed. To run the file, we enter npm start which opens the app in the browser. Once the functionality is done, you can also work on the CSS part to format and style your web page. 

Features of Calculator React Project

  • Mathematical operations
  • Inserting values
  • Decimal values must be supported

2. React Forms

The next React Project Ideas for Beginners on which you can work is the React form. Several forms are being generated to gather the individual’s data. You should have a clear idea of event handlers, react hooks, states, etc. All the buttons should work properly. To get more information about React hooks click here. The entire form should save the data in the backend. When you’re ready, give the dummy data to see the action.

Features of React Forms React Project

  • Taking user’s data.
  • A SUBMIT button.
  • On submit must highlight the empty block.
  • Error message when entering the wrong format of email ID.
  • Display a success message on successful submission.

3. Resume Builder

In today’s era, every one of us wishes to get hired by top MNCs. And this is only possible when you have a strong and unique resume. Prior knowledge of JavaScript, React, Material UI, React Hooks, and React Router is a must. Creating custom components and installation of libraries are required to implement this React project idea.  

Features of Resume Builder React Project

  • Professional Summary
  • Education qualifications
  • Academic and non-academic skills,
  • Career Objective
  • Experience and Internships
  • Skills and Achievements

4. Messenger 

 A simple yet creative message application can be created using React. It is one of the easy and best React Project Ideas for Beginners to enhance their skills. A dashboard can be created where all the chats are visible. Different components can be made to make the code flow easy. And Yes, Obviously, that’s what React is advantageous for. Concepts of Socket IO and React should be clear. Once, you know all this, you’re ready to create an amazing messaging app.

Features of Messenger React Project

  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Sends messages one-to-one or in a group.

To enhance the functionality and make it a bit complex, add other features like 

  • Blocking a contact.
  • Deleting a chat.
  • Archiving a chat.

5. Online Shopping App 

E-commerce apps are an integral part of everyone’s life. Build a dynamic UI React Project that stores data and handles user authentication. Be thorough with the concepts like state management (Redux), React Context, React Router, React Hooks, and APIs. Keep it very simple, yet impressive.

Features of Online Shopping App React Project

  • Display all the products.
  • Display price, quality, and size.
  • Order summary.

6. Gaming  App 

Building a gaming app is one of the most amazing React Project Ideas for Beginners. Have you heard about Tic Tac Toe, Snake game, Sudoku, etc. which most of us have played since we were young? You can build it all on your own.  Feels amazing, right? The simple gaming app can be built using the basic features of React. For example, Sudoku can be built by understanding the concepts of React-JS and Redux. The use of functional components react hooks, and props only can help you in implementing the application.

Features of Gaming  App React Project

  • Undo
  • Erase,
  • Displaying Score on every step.
  • “Congratulations” message when winning the game.

7. Social Media App

 When you feel like you’ve crossed the beginner level, you can try this React Project Idea. This is something relatable to messaging apps. Cloud databases can be used to store data such as login Id and password, and profile data. You can use Node-JS and Express for the backend part, which supports REST APIs. To get more information about REST APIs click here. Once you implement this successfully you can call yourself a Proficient React Developer.

Features of Social Media App React Project – 

  • Signup/sign-in form,
  • Forgot password.

You can add more features like – 

  • User authentication,
  • Posting Status
  • Regular updates (if any)
  • Like, comment, and share on posts
  • Regular notifications

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Building projects is the best way to learn React and boost your confidence as a developer. These react project ideas cover a wide range of applications, from basic UI components to dynamic e-commerce platforms. By working on these projects, you’ll not only enhance your resume but also gain valuable experience that will set you apart in the competitive world of web development. So, pick a project, roll up your sleeves, and start coding!


What are the top React Project Ideas For Beginners?

These are the Best React Project Ideas for beginners

1. Calculator App
2. React Forms
3. Resume Builder
4. Messenger 
5. Online Shopping App 

Is React beginner friendly?

If you have a strong foundation in JavaScript, before learning React then it will be very easy for you to understand React. But as a beginner, you have to spend a little more time than usual for learning React.

What are Hooks in ReactJS?

In ReactJS, Hooks are functions that allow you to use state and other React features in functional components.

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