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10 HTML Project Ideas & Topics For Beginners [2024]

Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2024
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Aren’t we always confused at the first step in the development of our project? As a beginner, it is natural that we struggle to find a topic for the project to work on. Well, if you are waiting for the first step to get an idea, you are at the right place. We did some good research as a result of which we have brought to you the best project ideas on HTML. These are beginner-friendly. We’ve also brainstormed and added more features that you could use in your webpage.

HTML Project Ideas For Beginners

HTML is the basic programming you need to know in order to build a web page or an entire website. Thus, in this article, you’ll be taught about some of the best HTML project ideas and topics for beginners to enhance your coding skills. Check out the projects you are interested in and do it the best way with the required features.

What is HTML?

The Hyper Text Markup Language, commonly abbreviated as HTML is a standard markup language used to create web pages. It allows structuring the web page with different elements such as images, videos, links, texts, etc. The styling part of the HTML web page is usually taken care of with the help of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It is also assisted by scripting languages such as JavaScript.

Why HTML Projects?

HTML projects unleash creativity in the learner as they tend to design webpages, structuring and organizing the elements in a variety of ways. These projects make the developer think from two perspectives that are of the user who browses the web page and the developer who is designing it. It is simple to learn as it requires no prior coding knowledge. HTML Projects provide practical knowledge of real-life scenarios and sharpen coding skills. It also boosts your profile when you mention them in your resume.

Features of HTML

  • It is a language that is simple to learn and modify
  • It is platform-independent and could be used in windows, Linux, etc.
  • All types of browsers also support it. Say, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.
  • It doesn’t require any complex installation or setup procedures
  • Custom codes from other languages could be easily integrated with HTML
  • Effective presentation could be done with the help of formatting tags
  • Images, videos, and styles available make the web pages more attractive
  • Hyperlinks could be used to link web pages

Top 10 HTML Project Ideas for Beginners

1. An Information Website

You might have heard of the tribute page and this is more or less similar to it. Why just limit the idea with a tribute to some personality? You could have an information site, more like a news page, and provide detailed data on a person, thing, or the current world happenings. It depends on how you limit the information. Here are a few sub-ideas that you can derive to build an HTML project from this bigger one.

  • A college information site where you can see webpages describing activities happening inside the campus for the students which may be further split into academic and cultural. The site might also contain a special page for the alumni who wish to stay updated on campus activities or staff. (Note that it is different from an official college website. Here it is one-way communication to the browser letting him know the information, more like a bulletin board)
  • A district/municipality information site that provides data on every essential being done. About the services available. If there is any roadblock or community work going on that could be updated to let people plan accordingly

So basically, the website design here remains simple. You get to give all the information with the help of formatting tags such as headings, paragraphs, line breaks, bold, italics, etc. Use navigation tags (HTML <nav> Tag) if you decide to add more web pages or you can also use hyperlinks.

2. Event Website

This HTML project could let you learn both in ways of design and interaction. The previous idea was static and had only one-way communication. Here, you can collect the details of the use. Imagine organizing an event, say a college symposium or office success party. Design the home page with attractive colors and images about the event. Include a variety of forms as follows.

  • A Registration form where the user fills in their details and preferences for the event
  • A Login and a correction to alter their preferences before the deadline
  • A post-event review form for feedback

These have a great scope as you tend to use elements like input, forms, password options, radio buttons, drop-down list boxes, etc. Brainstorm about the details that are to be received as input from the user.

3. Results Calculator

In a growing competitive world, there are more exams and cutoff calculations. You can ease the job of students by calculating the cut-off expected, acquired grades based on the marks. Also include university CGPA calculations. You will have to do some research on the most common exams, universities, methods of calculations of cut-off, and grades. Get the input from the user in forms and calculate using Javascript. Also, if you doubt then must refer to – Can I Learn HTML in 2 Weeks?  the answer is Yes.

4. Portfolio Page

This is a great HTML project idea not just for your project but also to present your resume in an innovative way. The recruiters would have been bored constantly looking at conventional resumes. Here’s something new. Create a website of your resume. Make sure you add the following to your website.

  • A header section that constantly holds your name, and personal information.
  • Add your photo if required.
  • Attach links, videos, or images of your works.
  • Have a section to mention your areas of interest.
  • A footer section to add your social media handles such as mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Improve the styles using CSS and make the page professional and attractive. Use semantic HTML elements such as section, nav, mark, blockquote, etc to have the page more structured.

5. Product Display/ Ad Page

The best HTML project idea you might have heard of is a landing page. If not, no worries. Creating an attractive and interesting site page, especially for the target audience and the website visitors is what we call a landing page. So basically it is to promote a product. The main aim here is not to have more links that may distract the audience. The page must be framed in a way that must encourage the audience to convert from leads into customers. Once done, you will get an overall picture of how products are displayed.

6. Ticket Booking 

Online ticket booking websites are something that never gets old. With growing technology and a busy world, people always look for a go-to solution. Ticket booking websites may include,

  • Train/ Bus ticket booking
  • Movie Ticket booking
  • Events ticket booking

Thus, this HTML project idea has general specifications it must contain a login/register page, choose a date, time, respective movie or bus or train, selection preferences and seat required, and confirm the booking. All these might require forms, images, tables to display options, aside elements to showcase hints, etc.

7. Music Website

Music could be a remedy for most of our moods. Hence, creating your own music website would be a great and best HTML project idea. Use a relatable background picture and add some explanation of what kinds of music your website presents. Include a header section containing the song name, year, performer, album, genre, etc. Have separate playlists for top artists. Get user preferences and based on mood, suggest songs.

8. E-Voting System

As the name goes, it is a website to cast votes online. To keep it simple you may design a website for school pupil leaders or college student council elections. You can also go with community, district, or state leader elections. Keep the website simple with proper authentication procedures, the option to select the nominee, etc. A few authentication ideas include capturing photographs of the voter and compare with the database and sending an OTP to the voters’ mobile numbers recorded in the database. Though the authentication might seem a little complicated concentrate more on the front end and make the website more user-friendly. It must be clear even to someone who is not familiar with electronic systems.

9. Business Website

Be it a restaurant or a large import/export business, it always requires an identity which is why they have their own websites. Pick a stream and design your website accordingly. Let us dive deeper into an example of a restaurant website. Have a stylish layout to your design, eye-pleasing colors, and font styles. Sliding images and photo galleries could boost the look of your website. Align different food items and drinks. Have separate columns to receive customer feedback, suggestions, etc. Display the affiliation or approval certificates of the restaurant. To take it to an advanced level, you can also have food ordering options. 

In this case, you will have to use most formatting tags such as headings, paragraphs, font, etc, and other tags such as tables, images, videos, etc. This will also bring out the creativity of your inner self.

10. Survey Website

This HTML project is more or less similar to creating a form. Unlike registration or feedback forms, here we collect the particulars of the target audience say a department in the college or people in a community. A community usually collects details of the residents like the number of members in the family, occupation, medical history, education, etc, and uses it in case of an emergency. It works more like a census online.

This is a simple one but make sure to brainstorm the requirements for your survey and mention all of them. Go with more semantic HTML tags which could be helpful in modifying the code later. 

The above mentiones are project ideas which are conceptual however, don,t just stop with regular layout or design. make sure you use different types of websites such as

  • Grid responsive website layout
  • Video Background SIte
  • Parallax Website
  • Landing site

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These are general ideas. Choose one based on your level or modify it up to your level and make super good websites for your project. Also, CSS and JavaScript play an important role in styling, manipulation, and interactions on your website. So get the right knowledge and proceed with your project. Build some best HTML projects and you can add them to your resume to increase their value. Having some great projects also increases your chance of getting hired.

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