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Top React Projects to build in 2024

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React JS, managed by Facebook along with a vibrant community of developers and companies, is a JavaScript library designed for crafting dynamic user interfaces. It empowers developers with concepts like React web apps, components, props, states, and component lifecycles. With a primary focus on building single-page web or mobile applications, ReactJS revolutionizes the way interactive interfaces are developed.

Calculator Application: This project will revise your ReactJS knowledge, Our aim for this project will be to introduce our readers to a newer idea of learning on the go while developing with us, and we have chosen to create a React Calculator as our first ever project. Nothing could have been a better way to count the miles to travel with a great start like this.

Part of the ProjectDescription
IntroductionWe chose to develop the calculator for Simplicity, Scope, Abundance of Interesting Points, and Cosmetic Challenge.
StructureHere we are going to develop and also have seen a glimpse of our final project.
UI BuildingWe have a blank canvas before us where we will have to create our calculator app.
Adding FunctionalityWe will try to make our Calculator app fully functional. Once our app becomes functional, we will add CSS to style the App.
Styling the ApplicationWe will write all our CSS codes in this file. Now we have the exact same app as shown in the very first article with the exact same functionalities.

If you are new to ReactJS, we highly recommend you to complete our free ReactJS Tutorial before starting the project, our tutorial will guide you how things are done in ReactJS

ReactJS Other Projects: Our aim for this article will be to introduce our readers to a newer idea of learning on the go while developing with us.

ProjectsDescription of the Projects
Submission FormForm is a document that stores information of a user on a web server using interactive controls.
Jokes GeneratorEach time you trigger the generate button a new joke will render.
Password ValidatorPassword validator check the password strength of the user input password.
IP Address FinderIP address finder app that lets you find your client’s approximate location on a map.
Dice RollingDice rolling app rolls two dice and displays a random number between 1 and 6.
Rock Paper ScissorRock, Paper & Scissor is popular game, here you will play against the computer.
To-DoThis to-do list can add new tasks we can also delete the tasks by clicking on them.
Quiz ApplicationThe application will start with questions at first and then score will be displayed at last.
Coin FlippingFlip a coin and get a random result from head or tails.
Color Box ApplicationThis app shows the number of boxes which has different colors assigned to each of them.
Card Number ValidatorAuthenticate the user’s credit card number so that the application can proceed to the payment process if needed.
Location FinderThis application will allow users to search for loactions on map after writing name of the location
Domain Name GeneratorUsers can get suggestions for their domain name by typing specific words they want in their domain
Lyrics FinderThis application allows users to find the lyrics of their favourite song by typing song and singer name
Food Recipe AppGet recipes for your favourite dishes by searching the dish name
QR Code GeneratorGenerate a QR code for a particular keyword to redirect the users using the QR code
Movie Trailer SearchSearch for trailers of your favourite movie by typing its name. The API will fetch trailers from internet
Avatar GeneratorSelect an avatar from a list of categories and random images. Next button generates new avatar until you find your favourite avatar.
Dictionary ApplicationUse this dictionary to search for meaning of any word. Use this to learn about API fetching in react
Cryptocurrency AppCheck the price of different cryptocurrencies and search price of individual coin. We will use coinstats API to fetch data
Paint AppCreate an application similar to MS-Paint to draw your ideas with features like color, width and opacity selection.
Currency ConverterFind currency value from one country to another also check conversion price for any amount
Movie AppFind the movies according to your preferences by searching for its name
Meme GeneratorCreate memes by adding your own text and random images generated from the API
Stop WatchTrack your time with personalised stopwatch with features of start, pause, resume and reset
Video to GIF converterConvert your videos to GIF using web assembly using FFMPEG library. This application can run without servers
Quote GeneratorGenerate a random quote using an API. This application will give new advice each time a button is pressed.
Word Guess GameA fun game where user has to guess the word with help of a hint provided. If the player make too many incorrect guesses the Game over popup is displayed
Event CalendarUse this application to save dates for events and programmes. It displays a calendar where user can create events by clicking on any specific date
BMI CalculatorWant to know whether you are fit, underweight or overweight? Use this calculator to check how fit you are by calculating your BMI
Movie Search EngineSearch for your favourite movie on the internet by its name. This application will fetch all the related movies using the keyword

Password Validator

Check the strength of your password to protect it from hackers with this application which uses a validator to ensure that the entered password is strong or not

Guess The Number

Play this simple number guess game against computer to test your luck

Form Filling

Use this form as a template for your websites which implements best methods of form validation in React

Survey Website

Learn the basics of essential elements in a survey website to create a survey forum for your future websites

Emoji Picker

Express yourself in a better way by showing your emotions with this emoji picker

Shopping Cart

Keep a track of all the products you are purchasing on GFG with this simple shopping cart

Virtual Keyboard

Damaged Keyboard? No Problem, use this virtual keyboard to type your messages

Word and Letter counter

Want to check the count of your assignments?Simply copy your assignment here and the application will provide you with the number of words and letters in your assignment

Weather Application

Know about the weather of your city or any city around the world using this weather application which fetches the weather condition of any city around the world

15 Puzzle Game

Improve your decision making and cognitive abilities by playing this simple puzzle game created in React

Event Countdown Timer

Never miss out on an event by setting a simple countdown time with different themes for different categories of event

Number Format Converter

Use this simple converter built in react to check the value of number in different formats

Typing Speed Tester

Want to test your typing skills? This Speed Tester helps in checking and improving your typing speed

Stopwatch with Lap Memory

Keep track of timing of all your tasks with this advanced stopwatch with lap memory to check time spent on individual tasks

Nutrition Meter(Calorie Tracker)

Want to stay fit? Use this Nutrition Meter to keep a track of calories consumed and amount of nutrition intake in a day

Country Information

Curious about knowing information about all the countries? Just type the name of the country and this app provides basic details about it

Progress Tracker

Want to see how much you have progressed? This app helps to keep a check on all the activities that you have completed with a progress bar

Memory Game

Test your memory skills by completing this game in least number of moves and showcase your rememberance power

Blog App

Write your blog in this app and post, Its a good project to practise react.

QR code generator App

QR code is a two-dimensional barcode readable on smartphones. Allows coding of more than 4000 characters in a double-barcode bar.

Currency converter App

We can convert currency to the other currency to get to know about that currency value.

Stop Watch

Stop Watch App will helps us to record the timing and its used in sports mostly.

Password Validator

Password must be strong so that hackers can not hack them easily. The following example shows how to check the password strength of the user input password in ReactJS.

Color-Box App

Each time the app loads different random colors are assigned. when a user clicks any of the boxes, it changes its color to some different random color that does not equal to its previous color value.

Dice Rolling App

Dice rolling application that rolls two dice and displays a random number between 1 and 6. As we click the button both dices shake and generate a new number that shows on the upper face of the dice.

Quiz App

The application will start with questions at first and then score will be displayed at last. Initially there are only 5 questions but you can keep adding more questions to make the quiz interesting.

ToDo App

This to-do list can add new tasks we can also delete the tasks by clicking on them. The logic is handled by a click event handler whenever the user clicks on a task it gets deleted from the list.

Calculator App

Calculator app and successfully created a fully functional calculator application using React.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

Aspect Ratio Calculator where users can upload images to visualize aspect ratios and adjust width and height values for live previews.

Image Compressor

Users can upload image files and adjust compression quality via a slider. Upon setting the compression quality and initiating compression, users can download the compressed image locally.

Photography Website

The website will include a beautiful navbar, an introductory section with both an image and text, a photo gallery with a dynamic grid layout, and a modal to showcase selected photos in detail.

Text Converter App

Text Converter application using React JS uses class components to create the application and Our focus will extend beyond mere functionality.

Hangman Game

Hangman game using React. Hangman is a word-guessing game that is not only entertaining but also a great way to practice your React skills.

India Tourism Website

Indian tourism app using React, featuring destination exploration, travel experiences, and a visually appealing image carousel.

Crowdfunding App

Crowdfunding App using React. The React crowdfunding app features multiple projects, each with a set fundraising goal.


Storybook is an open-source tool to build the UI components individually, allowing developers to concentrate on one component at a time, examine it more deeply, and record its behavior and changes.

PacMan Game

Pacman game using React for a fun and nostalgic web experience. We’ll include classic features like the maze, pellets, and ghosts, and learn some cool React stuff along the way.

Portfolio Website

Portfolio website that enables individuals to display professional work, achievements, and skills.

Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong is one of the earliest video games. It’s a two-player game in which each player controls the paddle by dragging it from one side of the screen to the other to strike the ball back and forth.

Webpage Using Parallax

Parallax involves the movement of background elements at different speeds as the user scrolls, providing a 3D-like experience.

Flappy Bird Game

The game Flappy Bird has gained popularity with millions of people, from, all over the world playing it.

Bill/Invoice Generator

Bill/Invoice Generator website using React helps users easily make, customize, and print invoices and can add or delete items.

Travel Blog Website

Creating a Travel Blog Website using React JS is a better way to learn how to manage state, passing props and render data dynamically.

News App using React

News App using React JS uses React’s basic principles to fetch the latest news from a News API and show them to users based on their interests.

Appointment Management System

The Appointment Management System is a web application that allows users to schedule, manage, and view appointments.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator using React, allowing users to estimate their monthly mortgage payments based on the loan amount, annual rate of interest, and loan term in years.

Job Board

Job Board application using React and Rapidapi JSearch allows users to search, filter and view job listings posted on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, BeBee and many others in a single job board.

Tenzies Game

Tenzied Games using React JS. Tenzies is a fast-paced and fun game where players have to race to roll a specific combination with a set of ten dice.

Portfolio Webpage 

Portfolio Webpage using React JS is a very important website for any professional, as it’s an online representation of the talent and skills one possesses, along with details of past work and contact information.

Recipe Finder

finder application using the React library. We have given the application the name “GeeksforGeeks Recipe Finder“.

Snake Game

Snake Game using ReactJS project implements functional components and manages the state accordingly.

Expense Tracker

The Expense Tracker project is a web application developed using React. Its main purpose is to assist users in keeping track of their expenses.

Build a Password Manager

Password manager using React js provides a secure and user-frie­ndly environment for users to store­ and manage their crede­ntials.

Task Scheduler

Task Schedular is an application that saves tasks submitted by the user and categorizes them among low, middle, or high priority.

Building a Music Player

The “Music Player” project is a web application built using React that offers users an interface to play, pause, and manage their music collection.

Color Palette Generator App

Color Palette Generator App using ReactJS is a web application which enables use­rs to effortlessly gene­rate random color palettes, vie­w the colors, and copy the color codes to the­ clipboard with just a single click.

Inspirational Quote Generator

The Inspirational Quotes Website is a web app constructed using React. It showcases quotes to inspire and uplift users.

Language Translator

Translator is a web application software tool that facilitate the translation of text from one language to another language using ReactJS

Last Updated : 13 Feb, 2024
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