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Technical Interview Preparation

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2024
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Planning for a work interview can be nerve-wracking, but it’s a critical step in making the best possible impression and positioning yourself above the other candidates. This Preparation Corner contains all the top companies’ interview questions and answers, profile-specific interview questions and answers plus we have a list of Language and framework-based interview questions and answers collection. All of these are curated from interview experiences.

Resume Templates

The sole purpose of a resume is to help you land your dream job. It introduces your qualifications, skills, achievements, and everything regarding your expertise. It helps you land into your career. When you have a perfect resume, nothing can be a hindrance to the best job.

Aptitude Preparation

An aptitude test is quite vital for placements as it helps in enhancing the logical skills of the person and if someone is preparing for interviews then aptitude preparation is very much required. Hiring can be both off-campus and on-campus but the procedure of selection is almost the same that is sorting out candidates on the basis of basic aptitude tests.

Companies Interview Preparation Question Set

Every company is unique, so the pattern of hiring and asked questions will be different, there is no exception for Tech Companies as well. It does not matter if the company is service or product-based. This comprehensive company-wise interview question and answer guide you to enhance your preparation and boost your chances of success.


Recruitment Process



Amdocs  Amdocs Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Walmart Walmart Labs Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Juspay JUSPAY Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Tiger Analytics Tiger Analytics Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Virtusa   Set  Solve
Intuit Intuit Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Salesforce Salesforce Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Atlassian Atlassian Recruitment Process Set  Solve
JP Morgan JP Morgan Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Cisco Cisco Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Siemens Siemens Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Synopsys Synopsys Recruitment Process Set  Solve
IBM IBM Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Nvidia Nvidia Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Qualcomm Qualcomm Recruitment Process Set  Solve
KPMG   Set  Solve
EY(Ernst & Young)   Set  Solve
ION   Set  Solve
BNY Mellon   Set  Solve
Deloitte Deloitte Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Pwc PWC Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Zoho Zoho Corporation Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Paypal PayPal Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Autodesk   Set  Solve
UBS UBS Recruitment Process Set  Solve
DE Shaw   Set  Solve
PhonePe   Set  Solve
Flipkart Flipkart Recruitment Process Set  Solve
GreyOrange GreyOrange Recruitment Process Set  Solve
Publicis Sapient   Set  Solve
Dell Dell Recruitment Process Set Solve 
Tech Mahindra   Set Solve

Profile-Based Interview Preparation Question Set

It is obvious that each profile requires unique capabilities, so why do you need these question-and-answer sets? The answer is to build your confidence, each profile’s questions set contains the most or you can say frequently asked questions listed by experts in those fields.


Resume Templates


Back-End Developer   Set
Member Of Technical Staff   Set
Full Stack Developer Resume Set
Data Analyst   Set
Data Scientist Resume Set
Penetration Tester   Set
Ethical Hacker   Set
Software Engineering   Set
Cloud Computing   Set
DevOps Resume Set
Application Developer   Set
AutoCAD   Set

Language and Framework/Library-Based Interview Question Set

Each language has some unique features same for frameworks or Libraries. These question sets will help you to prepare for any particular skills-related interview. Like in SDE interviewer can ask questions from JavaScript or React then these question sets will prepare you for that situation.c++

Languages | Frameworks | Libraries



C Quiz Set 1, Set 2
C++ Quiz Set
C++ STL   Set
C++ Exception Handling   Set
Core Java Quiz Set 1, Set 2
Python Quiz Set
Django   Set
HTML Quiz Set
CSS Quiz Set
JavaScript Quiz Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
jQuery Quiz Set 1, Set 2, Set 3
React.js Quiz Set1 , Set2, Set3
NodeJS Quiz Set
Express.js Quiz Set
Android   Set
PHP Quiz Set 1, Set 2
Flutter   Set
Flask   Set

Subject-wise Interview Question Set

These sets are made to check how well you understand and can work in various fields. They cover important topics like TCP/IP, SEO, Automation Testing, Data Science, Tableau, Statistics, SAP ABAP, Jenkins, Power BI, Big-O Notation, Manual Testing, Data Structures, OOPs, Blockchain, IP Addressing, Networking, Data Mining, and SQL. Created to give you a complete evaluation, these questions cover a wide range of skills needed in today’s ever-changing tech world.

Subjects or Topics


Interview Questions & Answers Sets

TCP/IP   Set
SEO   Set
Automation Testing   Set
Data Science   Set
Tableau   Set
Statistics   Set
Jenkins   Set
Power BI   Set
Big-O Notation   Set
Manual Testing   Set
Data Structure and Algorithms (DSA)  Quiz Set
OOPs   Set
Blockchain   Set
IP Addressing  Quiz Set
Networking  Quiz Set
Data Mining   Set
SQL  Quiz Set

Top Puzzles

These are tricky questions that let you think logically. Puzzles are asked in Interviews to check our problem-solving skills. Here we are providing you with the top 100 puzzles that are asked in Interviews. The main aim of puzzles is entertainment. Puzzles can be of many types:- picture puzzles, logical puzzles, mathematical puzzles, etc. It is very helpful for the development of young minds and growth. The solver of a puzzle must arrive at the correct answer, or answers, by thinking or putting pieces together in a logical way.

Puzzles are one of the ways to check your problem-solving skills – Top 100 Puzzles Asked In Interviews


Q1: How should I prepare for an interview with a tech company like Google?
Ans: Focus on algorithm and data structure knowledge, practice coding problems, and be ready for behavioral questions that assess problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Q2: What are common interview questions for a software engineering position?
Ans: Expect questions about your coding skills, problem-solving approach, and knowledge of relevant technologies. Behavioral questions may also be asked to assess your teamwork and communication skills.

Q3: How can I prepare for a finance-related interview?
Ans: Brush up on financial concepts, and accounting principles, and be prepared to discuss your analytical and problem-solving skills. Practice cases and scenarios relevant to the finance industry.

Q4: What should I focus on when preparing for an interview with a consulting firm like McKinsey?
Ans: Emphasize problem-solving abilities, and case study practice, and showcase your communication and analytical skills. Be prepared to discuss your experiences in a structured manner.

Q5: How do I prepare for a marketing job interview?
Ans: Showcase your understanding of marketing principles, be ready to discuss your past campaigns, and demonstrate creativity. Expect questions about market trends, your target audience, and your strategic approach to marketing challenges.

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