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Java Programs – Java Programming Examples

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Java Programming Examples: Java is one of the most popular programming languages today because of its simplicity. Java programming concepts such as control statements, arrays, strings, object-oriented programming (OOP), etc. are very important from an interview perspective as well as from exams. 

Whether you are a fresher preparing for job interviews or a beginner who has covered Java fundamentals and wants to practice Java concepts. then, This JAVA Programs article covers everything in an organized manner from Basic Java programs like the Fibonacci series, Prime numbers, Factorial numbers, and Palindrome numbers to advanced Java programs.

Prerequisites: JAVA 

Java Programs

Java programs: Topic-Wise

Java Basic Programs

Java Pattern Programs

Java Conversion Programs

Java Classes and Object Programs

Java Methods Programs

Java Searching Programs

Java 1-D Array Programs

Java 2-D Arrays (Matrix) Programs

Java String Programs

Java List Programs

Java Date and Time Programs

Java File Programs

Java Directory Programs

Java Exceptions and Errors Programs

Java Collections Programs

Java Multithreading Programs

Java More Java Programs


In this article, we dealt with a variety of Java programming questions categorized as basic programs, control statements, arrays, strings, oops, and much more that are frequently asked in interviews and exams.

Each Java program will give you a different approach to solving a particular problem in Java. If you are new to Java programming, we highly recommend you to go through our article on Java tutorial, where we’ve covered all the basics and advanced topics of Java programming with practical examples and programs.

Last Updated : 15 Feb, 2024
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