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HTML <hr> Tag

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 22 Jul, 2022

The <hr> tag in HTML stands for horizontal rule and is used to insert a horizontal rule or a thematic break in an HTML page to divide or separate document sections. The <hr> tag is an empty tag, and it does not require an end tag.

Tag Attributes: The table given below describe the <hr> tag attributes. These attributes are not supported in HTML5:

alignleft center rightUsed to specify the alignment of the horizontal rule.
noshadenoshadeUsed to specify the bar without shading effect.
sizepixelsUsed to specify the height of the horizontal rule.
widthpixelsUsed to specify the width of the horizontal rule.

Syntax : 

<hr> ...

Below programs illustrate the <hr> tag in HTML:
Example 1: 


<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>There is a horizontal rule below this paragraph.</p>
    <!--HTML hr tag is used here-->
<p>This is a horizontal rule above this paragraph.</p>


Example 2(hr tag with attributes): 


<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Normal horizontal line.</p>
    <!--HTML hr tag is used here-->
<p>Horizontal line with height of 30 pixels</p>
    <hr size="30">
<p>Horizontal line with height of 30 pixels
        and noshade.</p>
    <hr size="30" noshade>


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Supported Browsers: 

  • Google Chrome 1
  • Edge 12
  • Internet Explorer 5.5
  • Firefox 1
  • Opera 12.1
  • Safari 3

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