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HTML DOM activeElement Property

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The DOM activeElement property is used to return the currently active elements in the HTML document. This property is read-only. It gives the reference of a focused element object in the document. 



Return Value: A reference to the element object in the document that has a focus.

Example: In this example, we will use  DOM activeElement property.


<!DOCTYPE html>
        h1 {
            color: green;
        function GFG() {
            // Get Active Element using activeElement
            // property and assign it value equal to
            // to its tag
            let x = document.activeElement.tagName;
            document.getElementById("geeks").innerHTML = x;
<body onclick="GFG()">
    <h2>DOM activeElement property</h2>
    <input type="text" placeholder="GeeksforGeeks">
    <p id="geeks"></p>


Supported Browsers: The browser supported by DOM activeElement property are listed below: 

  • Google Chrome 1.0
  • Edge 12.0
  • Firefox 3.0
  • Opera 12.1
  • Safari 4.0
Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2023
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