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HTML DOM createObjectURL() method

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The createObjectURL() method creates a DOMString containing a URL representing the object given in the parameter of the method. The new object URL represents the specified File object or Blob object.

Note: The URL lifetime is tied to the document in which it was created.


const url = URL.createObjectURL(object);


  • object: A File, image, or any other MediaSource object for which object URL is to be created.

Return value: A DOMString containing an object URL of that object.

Example: In this example, we will create an object URL for the image object using this method.


<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>URL.createObjectURL example</title>
  <input type="file">
  <p class="p">The URL of this image is : </p>
    var Element = document.querySelector('input');
    var img = document.querySelector('img');
    Element.addEventListener('change', function() {
      var url = URL.createObjectURL(Element.files[0]);
      img.src = url;
      var d=document.querySelector(".p");

Output: we will select an image from local storage and then the URL of that object will be created.

Before Choosing Image:

After Choosing Image:

Checking the created URL in a new tab:

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome 19
  • Edge 12
  • Firefox 19
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6
  • Opera 15
Last Updated : 12 Jul, 2022
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