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Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2023

The array range query problem can be defined as follows:

Given an array of numbers, the array range query problem is to build a data structure that can efficiently answer queries of a particular type mentioned in terms of an interval of the indices.

The specific query can be of type – maximum element in the given range, most frequent element in the given range or queries like these.

Types of Array Range Queries:

Array range queries can be classified based on the type of input provided and on the type of output:

Based on the type of input:

  • The value of interest is completely determined by the problem, in this case, the query consists of only a range of indices.
  • A single value of interest is provided in the query.
  • The query consists of a threshold where all the values above or below the threshold are of interest.
  • The query consists of an exact threshold value.

Based on the type of output:

  • Returns a single value matching the criteria.
  • Index of an element that matches the criteria provided in the query.
  • A list of all values that satisfy the given criteria.
  • Only a response like “yes” or “no” denoting if there is any result matching the criteria of the query.

Some practice problems on Array range Queries:

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