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WordPress Reset Password

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In this article, we are going to discuss two ways to log you back into your WordPress site if you happen to forget your WordPress site password.

  1. Resetting the WordPress site password with e-mail access.
  2. Resetting the WordPress site password without e-mail access.

Resetting the WordPress site password with E-mail access: If you forget your password but have access to the e-mail account to create a WordPress user, it’s very easy to reset the password.

1. Click on “Lost your password?” on the login page of the website.

Click on Lost your password?

2. Enter the username or e-mail address of your WordPress user and click on “Get New Password”.


Enter username or e-mail address and click on Get New Password

3. Follow the instructions received in the mail to reset your password.

Resetting the WordPress site password without E-mail access: What to do if you don’t have access to the e-mail address you provided when creating a WordPress user. Well, we can always jump into our database to manually change the password.

1. Go to phpMyAdmin using cPanel/hPanel. (Image Attached is of cPanel)

2. Click on your WordPress database on the left. ( In this case, its varunwp, yours can be different, the default name is wordpress)

3. Now click on the user’s table. (In this case, its wp_users, may be different depending on your table prefix)

4. Click “Edit” in front of the user you want to reset the password.


5. In the user_pass field, enter the new password (In this case, it’sNewPassword) and select MD5 from the drop-down (very important as WordPress uses MD5 hashing).


6. Scroll down and click “Go to submit the changes.


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Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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