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WordPress Customize Theme

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WordPress is an open-source Content Management System framework. it is a tool that organizes the whole process of creating, storing, and showcasing web content in an optimal way. WordPress started its journey as an improvement tool to enhance the regular typography of day-to-day writing. But it was taken as a blogging tool and as we reach the last quarter of this year WordPress stands strong as the most used WCM system used and that also not only in the blogging community. In this article, we will discuss how to preview the posts on WordPress.

In this article, we are going to see how to Customization the WordPress theme. The Customization of the theme helps us to make our WordPress site more attractive and user-friendly. Follow the below steps to know how to customize our WordPress theme.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress login page and enter the username and password to log in to the WordPress Dashboard.

When you successfully log in to your WordPress. your dashboard looks similar to this.

Step 2 : Go to Appearance -> Themes. 

Step 3: Click on the Customize.

Step 4: Now you theme is ready for customization. After customize your theme click on the publish button. 

In the above example, we are changing the background color. 

Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2022
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