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Round 1(Online Test): it was the first round with 4 sections. Code Debugging test 2 coding questions(70 min) Personality Questions Logical Reasoning Round 2(Technical Interview… Read More
Hello there, In Oct’21 SRIB visited my college NIT Jalandhar for recruitment of SDE1 (6 Month Intern + FTE). There were 4 rounds in total.… Read More
UBS(United Bank of Switzerland) visited our college for hiring interns in November.  Eligible Courses: B.Tech (CS, IT, ECE) V semester. Eligibility Criteria: 70% & Above… Read More
Salesforce came to our college to hire for Associate Member of Technical Staff role. The process was open to only Computer Science students with an… Read More
SAP labs came to our campus in the month of August and the whole process consisted of 5 rounds and lasted 2 days.  Day 1  … Read More
Tokopedia visited on my campus on 2nd Nov 2021. I interviewed for a Software Engineer position. There were a total of 1 Online Assessment +… Read More
Recently Publicis sapient visited my campus for campus hiring. Its hiring process and questions are listed below. There were total of three rounds. Round 1(Coding):… Read More
Goldman Sachs visited our campus on 5 Aug 2021 for Summer Internship 2022. Eligibility – All Branches Criterion – 7.0 CGPA and above. Dead backlogs… Read More
Hi all, Zscaler visited our campus in the month of October 2021, the process took only 4-5 days to complete. Two profiles were offered Associate… Read More
Newfold Digital visited our college for FTE+intern role. The job profiles offered were: Operations Engineer Database Administrator Particular profile was offered on the basis of… Read More
D.E. Shaw held an on-campus recruitment drive in my college for the position of QTE intern (2 months) in July 2021. There were three rounds… Read More
Hi folks, Zee visited our campus for hiring Associate Software Development Engineer as a Full-Time Offer. In this article, I would be sharing my Interview… Read More
Online Coding Assessment: The online coding assessment consisted of 3 questions. One each of easy, medium, and hard difficulty. After this round 11 students were… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): The first round comprised 30 MCQ questions and 2 programming questions. Exam Date: 26-October. Time: 1hr 30min. Platform: HackerEarth. MCQ’s: Java C++… Read More
Round 1(Online Test): Online test on hirepro platform (Technical MCQ’s and 2 coding questions(1 easy, 1 medium)). Round 2(Logiks Test): 50 aptitude questions in 12… Read More

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