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1st Round – This was an online coding exam consisting of 3 questions from DS/Algo and 3 questions on SQL. The difficulty level was medium,… Read More
Optum (United Health Group) visited the IIT Jammu campus virtually in September 2020 for hiring students for summer internship 2021. Only Computer Science Engineering students… Read More
UHG (Optum) visited our campus in October 2020 for hiring students for summer internship 2021. Only Computer Science Engineering students with CGPA >=7 were eligible… Read More
So Optum(UHG) visited our campus for a summer intern role in early November. There were in total of 3 rounds. ROUND 1: This round basically… Read More
Optum, United Health Group visited our campus for summer internships in October 2020. Only female candidates with 7.0 or above CGPA were eligible. 89 candidates… Read More
Optum(UHG) visited our campus on 14th August 2019 for the position of SDE Intern at multiple locations. There were 3 rounds for selection in the… Read More
Optum visited our Campus (NIT Silchar) for FTE and Internship roles in Aug 2019. The process consists of 3 rounds: Online Test: Conducted on CoCubes… Read More
Optum (UHG) came in our institute to hire intern (summer internship). First round was online round . ROUND -1:(ONLINE ROUND) Exam consists of two sections.… Read More
Round 1: Online test ( Duration: 1 hour) This round consists of 2 sections: First section contains questions related to aptitude having 30 questions in… Read More
Optum visited our campus (Delhi Technological University) on 14th August for the coding test and 16th August for the interview process. Round 1: APTITUDE + CODING… Read More
Round 1:  First round was held online on cocubes platform. We were given the username password for the same. The test contained 30 aptitude questions(20… Read More
UHG optum visits our campus each year for full timers as well as interns and allows all branches to appear for full time employment and… Read More
Round 1: APTITUDE + CODING TEST The first round comprised of a total of 32 Questions (30 Aptitude + 2 Coding) The aptitude part was… Read More
Round 1: (Online Test) Round 1 was online test on Cocubes platform. It consisted of 2 parts, each part with 30 minutes time constraints. First… Read More
Round 1:In first round, we had 30 aptitude questions to solve in 30 minutes . 20 were critical thinking and logical reasoning questions.10 questions were… Read More