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Salesforce Interview Experience for SDE Intern (On-Campus 2020)

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Round 1 (Online Coding Round):

Platform: Hackerrank 3 questions were asked:

  1. We were supposed to print the strings according to the search query that was given to us. 


    if an array of strings is [abc, abcda, affd, ffs] and 
    search query was: "a" then we had to print:
    and if search query was "af" then we had to print:
  2. I don’t remember the question exactly but in the end, it required us to take the minimum of the floor of the values of an array divided by some array values index-wise and print that minimum.

  3. This question was ambiguous in terms of input and output. Basically what the question was that we had to print the next mirror time given the current time. Mirror time is like 10:01 or 12:21.

Eg: If the current time is 09:55 then the next mirror time would be 10:01

The coding round was very ambiguous and was more focussed on the technical aspects of the programming language used for coding. The questions were simple in terms of logic but test cases weren’t passing because of technical difficulties like value out of bounds (in case of C++) even when the biggest data type was used. I used Python so didn’t face any difficulty.
I was able to solve 2.5 of the questions (The last question I couldn’t because of the ambiguous test cases with weird sample input, outputs given to us)

I was selected for the online interview process along with approximately 25 other people.

Round 2 (Interview 1 – 45mins): A puzzle was asked to me. I had to fill a 3×3 grid with the numbers only from the set {1, 2, 3} such that each column and row contains only 1 number from the set. (Kind of like Sudoku).
When I was able to do this for a 3×3 grid, the interviewer extended it to a 4×4 grid using numbers {1, 2, 3, 4} and then further extended it that even the diagonals should contain just 1 number from the set.

I had to only solve the problem on the Whiteboard and not write code for it.

Along with this, a programming question was asked in which given an array, I had to print all the triplets (a,b,c) such that a+b = c. I was able to do this in O(n^2).

The interviewer also asked some stuff about my project at my latest Internship.

Round 3 ( Interview 2 – 1hr): I was given a programming problem to solve. There was a dictionary of words given like {‘apple’, ‘pie’, ‘pear’}, and a test string was given like “applepie” or “applepies”. I had to find out if the test string can be dissected completely in the dictionary words and also print those dictionary words that comprise the test string. For eg: “applepie” can be dissected into apple and pie but “applepies” can’t be dissected completely into dictionary words (“s” would remain).

I was able to do this problem.

Apart from this, there was some discussion about my college life, PoR, clubs, and my technical interests.

Round 4 (HR Round – ~30mins): There was a general and chill discussion about my college life, clubs, departments, PORs. I was also asked to explain all my projects from the resume in lay-man terms.

I was asked generic questions like What do you know about Salesforce? Why Salesforce? How do you manage your time and everything?
In short, general questions about almost all of my resume + generic HR questions.

I was selected for the internship along with 8 other people from my campus.

PS: My interview experience was really nice and all the interviewers were very friendly and chill. 

Last Updated : 08 Oct, 2020
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