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Publicis Sapient came (virtually) to my college during October, 2020. The process was as follows. Coding Round: The first round was a coding round conducted… Read More
Coding Round: Coding round hosted on the HackerRank platform. It consisted of 2 questions. Time Limit 75minutes. Given a source vertex, find the shortest distances… Read More
Round 1(Online test): The round was conducted on Hackerrank.     This round consists of two coding questions and the duration was 75 minutes. Both… Read More
Publicis Sapient visited our campus for recruitments in August 2019. The process consisted of 3 rounds – online coding round, technical and HR interview.  Round… Read More
Coding Round: So the first round was coding round on hackerrank platform in which we have to solve two coding problems out of which one… Read More
Round 1:Online round was conducted on Hirepro platform. It was divided into 5 sections. Aptitude(15 ques, 15 min) verbal(5 ques, 5 min) logical(10 ques, 10… Read More