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Round 1(Cognitive & Technical Assessment – 23 August 2021): This round is an elimination round, there were 90 minutes to solve 90 questions. Questions were… Read More
The profiles offered were: Associate Software Engineer or Advanced Associate Software Engineer Difficulty Level: Easy I recently appeared for the Accenture recruitment process. Round 1:… Read More
Round 1: Written Round Quants, Reasoning, English, pseudocode If you clear this  then Coding Round  will happen after  5 to 10 min Round 2: Communication… Read More
Round 1: Cognitive & Technical and Coding Assessment on 18TH AUGUST 2021 As the name suggests there were two parts to this round: Level 1:… Read More
Round 1: Cognitive & Technical and Coding Assessment (5th August 2021) This assessment is split into 2 stages. Stage 1: The Cognitive and Technical assessment… Read More
The whole placement drive had 4 rounds and these are briefed below. Round 1(Aptitude and Technical Assessment):  Elimination Round No. of Questions: 90 Duration: 90… Read More
Round 1(Aptitude): First-round is the elimination round there was 90 min to solve 90 questions.   Questions are asked from aptitude, ms office, networking, and… Read More
Accenture has 4 different rounds, In this year Accenture hires fresher from college many students got placed in Accenture in phase 1. I had given… Read More
For 2021 Pass-Outs Round 1(Cognitive and Technical assessment followed by the Coding assessment): Difficulty Level-Moderate In this round we have Cognitive(50 Questions) Technical(50 Questions) and… Read More
I had applied for Accenture On-Campus on 24/3/2021 through my campus link. I had my mock test on1st of April, please make sure u attend… Read More
I had applied for Accenture Off-Campus in the month of April 2021. I got an email that my rounds are going to be held from… Read More
Accenture started its off-campus drive-in December-2020 (Hiring for 2021 graduates) | Virtual Recruitment.  Two roles were offered Application Development Associate (ADE)  Application Development Analyst (ADA) … Read More
Accenture Conducted an Off Campus Drive in the month of December 2020. (Direct Hiring 2021) Virtual Recruitment Accenture offered two roles:1. Application Development Associate2. Application… Read More
Recruitment Process: Accenture conducts 4 rounds to select freshers as ASE and FSE. I was applied for ASE(Associate software engineer). Round 1 (Cognitive, Technical 90min):… Read More
The interview with Accenture is very simple. The questions asked me were. Tell about Yourself. Tell about Projects. Tell me about the online certifications. Questions… Read More