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Hi Folks, I was interviewed recently at PayPal for the role of Backend Java developer (Software Developer). To give an overview, I have an experience… Read More
Round 1: Hacker rank round: I don’t remember the questions. Round 2: Technical Round  Brief Intro Given an unsorted array arr of size N of… Read More
The string “PAYPALISHIRING” is written in a zigzag pattern on a given number of rows like this: (you may want to display this pattern in… Read More
There was a total of 3 rounds of interviews. Round 1(Online Test): I got a Hacker earth test link. There were 3 questions of easy… Read More
Online Assessment: Three questions were given time allotted was 50 mins. Easy Math tag question just need to know physics formulas s= ut + 1/2… Read More
Online Test: It had two questions. One was named abandoned City and was needed to be solved using Binary search. It was a medium-level difficulty… Read More
I have applied for the SDE-2 role through Instahyre. Got a call from HR and then a test link was sent to me. Round 1(Online… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Percentage Criteria in X and XII: 85% or 8.5 CGPA Pursuing Degree: 90% or 9.0 CGPA No Standing Arrears Round 1: Coding roundTime:… Read More
Eligibility criteria: Percentage Criteria in X and XII: 85% or 8.5 CGPA Pursuing Degree: 85% or 8.5 CGPA No Standing Arrears Round 1: Online Assessment… Read More
I got the opportunity to attend the interview through one of my closest friends’ referral for a vacant position in his team. Round 1(1 hour):… Read More
Round 1: Online Coding Challenge It was held in HackerRank platform with 2 questions Easy question with 50 Mark & Hard question with 100 mark… Read More
Round 1(Coding Round): This round basically had 2 coding questions. One is a dynamic programming based question and the second question is an implementation based… Read More
PayPal conducted an online campus challenge in 2020, that had programming questions to be solved. Though I wasn’t able to clear the challenge, I received… Read More
Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well. I’m sharing my experience with Paypal.  Round 1(HackerEarth Test): 2 questions 1.5 hrs Based on 2D array… Read More
Round 1(Data Structures & Algorithms): Self Introduction (5 min) After that, they asked the below Find the element that occurs more than once( Find all… Read More

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