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Accenture Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 16 Jan, 2024
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Accenture conducted the on-campus drive in our college. It started with the pre-placement talk in which they told us about their organization, the technology Accenture works on, their exam pattern, and their hiring process.

They were offering 2 profile roles:

  • Associate Software Engineer(ASE).
  • Software Engineer/Full Stack Engineer(FSE).

Their process is divided into 4 rounds:

Round 1:  Cognitive and Technical assessment: On 30 Aug they sent us the link for the Cognitive and Technical assessment for the 1st round of the recruitment process. you can choose your own slot for the exam:

 The pattern of assessment:

  • No of Questions: 90
  • Time: 90
  • Platform: Safe Exam Browser – hire pro. 
  •  Topic: Quantitative, English Ability, Reasoning, Pseudo Code, Networking, Cloud, MS office.
  • difficulty: Easy/medium
  • Exam Type: MCQs
  • Negative marking: No
  • Type: Elimination

Note: This is an elimination round. If you fail to qualify you will no longer be able to participate for the rest.

Within 5-10 minutes the result was declared on the same screen one more thing is the difficult part if you clear this then the path will become easy.

Round 2:  Coding Assessment:  Earlier they used to consider it as a non-elimination round but now this round is an elimination round.


  • Duration: 45 mins
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • No. of questions: 2
  • Languages Permitted – C, C++, Java, DOT NET, Python

My question was:

  • Round the given number to the nearest multiple of 10:
  • Reverse Nodes in k-Group:

Some other questions are like :

  • A number is to be seperated in two halves if the seperated numbers are even then print Yes else No

Round 3: Communication Assessment: After 3 days, I have my communication Assessment. this is non-elimination and not so difficult. many youtube videos are available for this round.

Round 4: Online Interview: On Sep 3, I got the mail to book a slot for an interview. I select the 6 Sep 9:30 am slot. It is more of an HR round than a Technical. First, the interviewer introduces himself then,

  • Introduce yourself
  • Project
  • Is this a group project?
  • Have you ever been part of any group projects? Then I told him I have taken in a lot of hackathons.
  • Tell me about your hackathon project.
  • What’s your role in that project?
  • Are you the leader in that project?
  • Why your teammate made you a leader?
  • Any suggestions or feedback you get after completing that hackathon project?
  • So, your recent academics project is completed, or do you want to do something more on the project?– so basically my project is based on ML.
  • What is the accuracy of your model?
  • How you use ML in your Project
  • Any failure in life and your learning from it.
  • And some discussion on leadership skills.

The duration of the interview is around 20 mins. 

After the interview, I got mail that the result will be announced within 10-15 days. After 9 days on 14 Sep, I got the result that I have cleared the interview for ASE Profile.

by Shivam Patwal 

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