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Nokia Interview Experience for Internship | On-Campus

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Profile: Intern at Nokia Solutions and Networks

Stream Required : B.Tech & M.Tech (CS, IT)

Shortlisting Criteria for sitting in Round 1: Batch-2021, Best 150 students. 

Campus Visit: August 2020 ( Virtual Hiring due to COVID-19 )

Joining: September 2020

Location: Bangalore, Chennai, Nokia

Number of Rounds: 4

Round 1:  The company took the first round online test on AMCAT platform. Online Test was conducted on AMCAT portal and it consisted of 5 sections with time limits given for each section:

  • CS Core Concepts 25 MCQ (35 minutes)
  • Quantitative aptitude 16 MCQ (25 minutes)
  • Logical reasoning 14 MCQ (14 minutes)
  • Verbal Ability 22 MCQ (25 minutes)
  • 2 Coding Questions (45 minutes)

The CS Core Concepts MCQs were mainly from Data Structure, C Programming, C++, Java, CN, OS, DBMS. Also, basic questions from sorting algorithms, code snippets, debugging. P.S.- Your Fundamentals should be very clear.

  Two Coding questions asked were :

  1. Minimize the maximum difference between the heights.
  2. Find First And Last Position of an Element in Sorted Array.

Round 2 (Technical Interview):  

  1. Discussion is related to all projects mentioned in the Resume.
  2. Explain Base Class Pointer – Derived Class Object concept with an example.
  3. Quickly asked 5-6 more questions related to OOPS.
  4. DBMS Transaction Management and Concurrency Control topics.
  5. Operating System Deadlock, TLB, Segmentation topics.
  6. Computer Networks TCP, UDP, DNS, Why IPv6, Virtual Memory, Subnetting topics.
  7. Data Structures (Diameter, Mirror) of a Tree, Snake, and Ladder coding approach, What is backtracking.

Round 3 (Managerial Round):

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What do you know about Exception Handling?
  3. Then, I was asked about my favourite CS Core subjects – I told CN and OS.
  4. Rest all conceptual basic questions related to CN and OS were asked.
  5. Do you love coding? And why?
  6. Some discussion over Virtualization, 5G, and other in-demand technologies.

Round 4 (HR Round):

  1. All common questions that mostly HR ask from candidates.
  2. How will you define yourself in one word?
  3. After that, she asked, Why do you want to work for NOKIA?
  4. What do you know about NOKIA?
  5. Anything you might want to ask?

Finally, they shortlisted 9 students, and I was one of them. 

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Last Updated : 04 Sep, 2020
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