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The recruiter connected with me based on my LinkedIn profile. The position was available for Software Developer-3 at Oracle India. Make sure you keep on… Read More
The recruiter connected with me based on my profile. The profile was for Cloud Analyst at Oracle India. I strongly recommend having an updated… Read More
Oracle came for recruitment in early November for the position of Advanced Customer Service. The cutoff was 7.0 CGPA, and all branches can apply; around… Read More
Online Test: The first round was the online test. It consisted of about 150 multiple choice questions based on different areas like mathematical reasoning, logical… Read More
An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. Oracle… Read More
The job opening was for the role of Member Of Technical Staff under The Server Technologies business unit. A lot of people had applied from… Read More
Job title: Associate Application Developer. Joining Location: Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bombay, or Chennai. Eligibility Criteria: 7 or above CGPA for all branches. OFSS came to… Read More
I was contacted by HR from oracle for SDET Role through LinkedIn. Round 1: Output of printf(“%d %d %d %d”, i++, ++i, i++, ++i) if… Read More
Hello Everyone, I’ll be sharing my Summer Internship Interview Experience in Oracle. Oracle came to our college for a summer internship in August-September. Firstly we… Read More
In this article, we will learn about defining Responsibility in Oracle Apps and adding Custom Menu to it. When a user logs into a responsibility,… Read More
Oracle Application Express (Oracle Apex) formerly called HTML DB. It is a rapid web application development tool for Oracle databases & available by default in… Read More
There was a total of 3 rounds of interviews. One online test and 2 technical interview rounds. 1 Aptitude Test, 2 Entirely Technical Interview all… Read More
Total 7 rounds were there, 1 hour each & here’s sequence: Round 1: Hiring Manager explained about the job description and checked if the candidate… Read More
As we create a new user in the Oracle database, we first need to grant it the required privileges. After that only we can use… Read More
Efficient approach: If we are allowed to buy and sell only once, then we can use following algorithm. Maximum difference between two elements. Here we… Read More

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