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Round-1(75 min):  Question on Binary Search(minimizing the window length in a string type, similar questions available on practice. gfg). Given an array of length N… Read More
The Salesforce Campus recruitment team came to hire female students for Software Engineering Summer Intern as a part of their diversity hiring for July 2022.… Read More
Salesforce came to our college to hire for Associate Member of Technical Staff role. The process was open to only Computer Science students with an… Read More
Resume-based came across this job profile in linkedin that they are looking for the 2yrs + experienced people in Java development for this role. I… Read More
Salesforce visited our campus in the last week of October for the role of Associate Technical Consultant. They were offering 6-month internship(for Batch of 2022),… Read More
Coding Round: The online test was on HackerRank. There were 3 questions. You have to prepare a pizza. There are some crusts and toppings given.… Read More
Round 1: Salesforce came to my college in the second week of August for an SDE role. The eligibility was 7+ CGPA, with no backlogs… Read More
Salesforce came to our campus to hire interns. The questions asked in each round were as follows. Coding Round – This round had 3 questions… Read More
Salesforce came to my college in august 2021 for an SDE intern, the criteria were 7+ GPA and no backlog and any branch. The test… Read More
Salesforce came to my College(Campus Pool 2021) in the month of July 2021 for SWE Internship at Futureforce Round 1(Coding Round on HackerRank): Three questions… Read More
 This article is about my Interview experience with Salesforce’s Campus Recruitment Program (Futureforce) (Pool Campus). The process took place in the first week of January… Read More
Round 1 (Online Assessment 75 minutes): The assessment consisted of three coding questions two of medium difficulty and one of hard. Coding test questions: I… Read More
Round 1 (Online Coding Round): Platform: Hackerrank 3 questions were asked: We were supposed to print the strings according to the search query that was… Read More
Online Test: There were 3 coding questions to be answered in 75mins Give an array you have to sum up the values of the array… Read More
Salesforce visited MNIT Jaipur in the first week of September for 2021 two month SDE summer interns. Technical test (75 minutes): This round was conducted… Read More

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