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Delhivery Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021

Role : Software Developer Engineer

Location: Gurgaon

Eligible Branches: CSE, ECE, EEE

NIT Jamshedpur – August 2021

It Consists of one _Written Round_ , _One Tech Interview Round_ and _one final Interview Round_ which consists of tech and Managerial interview Questions.

Written Round

It was conducted on Hackerearth of time limit 1 hour and 30 minutes. It consists of 10 MCQ each of 4 Marks and 3 Coding Questions in which 2 of them is of 20 marks and 1 of 50 Marks.

MCQ questions comprises of SQL queries, Operating System , DBMS , Tree , Linked List , OOPS , Network, Firewall and system security questions. These all are basics questions with Medium Difficulty and can be easily solved if having basics knowledge about topics. It will better if practice some mcq questions from GFG on these topics.

Coding Questions one of them is medium level questions and other two are easy.  

50 marks Question: MAX Subarray

20 marks Question: Cheapest Buy

20 marks Question: Finding Pairs

If u solved 1-  50 marks question and all mcqs correct u got selected in this round.

If you want written round questions please ping me on linkedin (details at the end of this article).

Round 1 Interview

Almost 200 students gave written round and 6 of them got selected for this round. It was conducted on google meet and of almost 1 hour.  

They gave a link of a online screen in the comment box on which they ask questions and i have to explain my answers there.

Q1 – Tell Me about Yourself.

Hint : Be short and precise. Format should be lilke this Basic Details(name, hometown , college, branch , cgpa) – Skills – Past experience or internship roles –  Best Projects – what is good in you – hobbies.

Q2 – Tell me something about your internship.

Hint : How got that internship – about company in short – what was ur role – what u did in that internship period – what are the technologies u worked on – how big was your team – what u learned other that technical skills.

Q3 – FInd Frequency of each character in a String in efficient way

Hint : And have to write solution on that screen. If possible explain it while writting each line. I solved it using hashing.

Q4 –Why do you use unordered map why not ordered map.

Hint : Differentiate ordered map and unordered map.  And give justification what are the advantages to use unordered map here.

Q5 – He make two tables, give a problem statement and have to write SQL queries. It was Question of  inner join.

Hint : It was easy and can be easily solved using inner join. Try to explain why do you use inner join.

Q6 –  Write Code of Post Order Traversal in BST.

Hint : []

Q7 – Tell me something about Big-Database and Hadoop.

Hint :

Q8- Which type of language is JavaScript and why do we use it?

Hint : .  Try to explain using your past experience and some projects . try to show them that you have working experience.

Round 2 Interview

Among 6 only one were selected from my college for this round.

It was of half an hour and it was very fast paced interview he asked so many questions in just 30 minutes.

Q1 – When minutes and hours hand touch each other between 2 and 3 pm?

Hint :

Q2 – Explain Your one of the best project.

Hint : Sequence should be like this about project –  technologies used – what are the special things in your project. Just short and precise.

Q3 – As your project is on React Web-App. Why do u use react and what are the benefits of using it?

Hint :

Q4 –As web browser understand code in HTML and CSS but React use JSX language for coding so how it is read and manipulated by Web Browser.

Hint : have to say about Transcompiler – Babel, Real DOM and Virtual Dom and explain whole process of behind the webpage.

Q5 – what are the advantages of using Hooks in React.

Hint :

Q6 – What do you understand by Promises in Javascript and explain it using examples.

Hint :

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