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Be comfortable with writing code on Notepad (Whiteboard in offline interviews) as the use of any editor was not allowed. Go from brute force to… Read More
Coding test (Platform: Mettl / Highly – Proctored): Coding questions (1.5 hr): Fibonacci type question. Euler totient function (without using sieve). Mean/mode/ median of array.… Read More
CESC visited our campus to hire pre-final year students(2023 Batch) for internships under the Unmesh program. The Electrical, mechanical, and power department was allowed to… Read More
Online Test: Aptitude Section  CS Fundamentals Section  Essay Writing  2 Coding Questions (Easy to Medium Level)  The test was conducted on Hackerrank and was un-proctored,… Read More
Application Process: Zomato hires only via referrals so develop a good profile and ask for a referral. I applied using Referral and then got a… Read More
Quinbay is a fast-growing one-stop technology company with a passion for disrupting technology today and redefining the future. The following recruitment process happened in April… Read More
This is my experience of the intern selection process at FlyFin  Round 1: It was a pre-screening round, we had to fill out a google… Read More
Aptitude round: The Aptitude round consists of questions on DBMS, OS, and OOPS with some Engineering maths in it and at last, there were 3… Read More
I got this golden opportunity of interviewing at Groww. So basically Groww rolled out an internship role at their Web team. I didn’t wait for… Read More
The complete drive consisted of 5 rounds, of which 2 were online rounds and 2 offline technical interviews and the last was an HR round.… Read More
I’ll be sharing my experience of interviewing with Adobe and the whole recruitment process. Ever since I started using Adobe Illustrator for designing as a… Read More
Google LLC is an American multinational technology company also referred to as the most powerful company in the world that focuses on artificial intelligence, search… Read More
If you have received mail for the test of Wiley-mthree internship, Read this article very carefully as you will get to know about my experience… Read More
Wiley – mthree is committed to bridging the gap between education output and industry need by taking newly qualified graduates and putting them through rigorous… Read More
First Round: First round was resume selection. I had some projects and my competitive programming profiles in my Resume. The competitive coding profile will be… Read More

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