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I applied through the company’s career portal, applications opened on January 20, 2021, and closed on February 8, 2021. I received an invitation for the… Read More
AMD stands for Advanced Micro Devices. AMD came to our campus in April 2021 to recruit interns for 9 months and the process was virtual.… Read More
I applied to UBS through my college placement drive. Round 1(Online Coding Round):  It was conducted on Hacker rank. There was one coding question and… Read More
Infineon Technologies visited our campus in April 2021(virtually) for software and hardware interns. I applied for a software role. They conducted 1 online round +… Read More
I had applied for Nesternship India in April 2021 and I got a mail on April 29 that there will be an Online challenge assessment… Read More
Goldman Sachs recruitment for Off campus summer internship 2021 Round 1(Aptitude Test) Participants: About 1 lakh as per pre-placement talk conducted by them This round… Read More
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, all the rounds were online. They were offered a 3-6 month full-time internship at Cognizant before permanent employment. They… Read More
I applied for Verizon Media in the first week of February. The process took around 1 month. Round 1(Coding): The first round was coding. There… Read More
Bajaj Finserv came to my campus offering a 6 months long semester internship. CSE was the only allowed branch. There were three roles for which… Read More
Morgan Stanley | Summer Analyst Internship | India | On-Campus 2020 Status: Prefinal year student of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Date: August 2020 It… Read More
Round 1(1 hour 30minutes) Consisted of 8 MCQ’s from OS, DBMS, OOP, DSA, and 3 coding questions. MCQ’s had +5 -2 weightage whereas coding questions… Read More
I belong to a tier-3 college. I applied for the SDE position through referral, and luckily I got the test link. Each round started with… Read More
Round 1(Cognitive Assessments): There were 2 cognitive assessments.  In the first one, there were a total of 2 short assessments to be completed in 22… Read More
BlackRock visited our campus in the month of September 2020. The roles offered were Technology Profile and Financial Modelling Group. They were offering only internships.… Read More
I hope whosoever is reading this is safe and in good health. The past year has been really bumpy, but good things always find a… Read More