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PayPal Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

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Online Test:

  • It had two questions. One was named abandoned City and was needed to be solved using Binary search. It was a medium-level difficulty question.
  • The second question was a hard-level question that contained a string. For Eg. a? bc?? a. We have to find the number of possible combinations of words after filling the question mark with letters with some constraints mentioned.
  • I was able to solve only the first one and the second one had some runtime error. The time limit was 90 mins.

19 students were shortlisted for PI Round 1.

Round 1: Technical (DSA)

  • I was asked the algorithm and Code of Maximum Product Subarray in a given array of positive and negative numbers. I used the greedy approach (modification of Kadane’s algorithm to explain).
  • Others were asked Maximum sum root to leaf path and group Anagrams Questions.

Round 2: Technical

  • Out of 19 from round 1, 6 were called for round 2. Round two mainly was focused on Projects and the technologies used in the projects.
  • And questions related to projects were asked to check the in-depth knowledge you have on those technologies you used. And also few DSA questions were asked.

Round 3: HR

  • Out of 6 from Round 2, 4 were called for the HR round. Hr round was more about getting to know about themselves and the company.
  • It was a more informal talk with the interviewer who was a very experienced person.

Finally, 3 were given the FTE offer.

Tips: Be confident and prepare DSA very well. The more you are good at DSA, the more you will be confident in attending the interview. The skill which they test us on is DSA !!!!!

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Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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