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React Material UI

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React Material UI is a framework built upon React library which contains predefined components to create React applications. Material UI is basically a design language built by Google in 2014 and works with various JavaScript frameworks apart from React such as Angular.js and Vue.js. In this article, we will explore the advantages, features, and benefits of Material UI which will help in beautiful, consistent, and efficient UI in web development.


Material UI has more than 2500 contributors which are actively contributing to creating customized UI components and providing the latest features for developing web applications. The latest version of Material UI is version 5.0.0 which was released in September 2021.

Why choose Material UI?

The quality of the inbuilt designs of Material UI and its easy implementation makes it the first choice of most developers. The inbuilt components are also customizable so it helps in easily recreating the designs.The material design provided by The MUI is also SEO friendly. One of the various advantages of Material UI is that it has a good depreciation policy which allows easy upgrades to old deprecated components. Since the introduction of Material UI the development of React applications has become a lot faster.

Features of React Material UI:

  • Highly customizable: The templates provided are easily customizable and require very less coding to make changes to existing templates
  • Responsive: The inbuilt components are by default responsive so it is easy to create web applications for different screen widths.
  • Fast loading: Loading of the components is faster as compared to other frameworks
  • Themes: Vast variety of themes and easy customization is possible.
  • Backend friendly: It is easily integrable with the backend.
  • Depreciation policy: Material UI provides easy upgrades for old deprecated methods.

Usage Practices of Material UI:

There are some basic conventions which we must follow for effective usage of MUI components such as:

  • Globals: All the MUI components are defined in a global scope and are isolated. These globals should only be used for website development
  • Mobile-first component: The components codes are written for mobile first and then these components can be scaled up for bigger screen sizes
  • Responsive meta tag: The meta tag should be made responsive to ensure touch zooming for all devices
  • CssBaseline: The is another CssBaseline component which ensures consistency among different browsers
  • Default Font: The default font used in material design is Roboto

Benefits of Material UI:

  • MUI enhances User Experience and User Interface
  • The customizable components helps to easily redesign the existing components
  • The codes are easier to maintain and debugging is easier
  • Apart from styles it improves the components functionality and accessibility

Learn more about React Material UI:

Alternatives to Material UI: The two main alternatives for React Material UI are ReactJS Blueprint and React Bootstrap

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Last Updated : 12 Sep, 2023
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