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Puzzle 49 | King and his Elephants

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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A king dies after writing an agreement to divide the elephant power to his three sons, the first son has to get 1/2 of elephants, second son gets 3/4th of remaining elephants left after giving away to the first son, third son gets 1/2th of remaining elephants left after giving away to the second son. The total number of elephants are 15. All elephants are to be divided without leaving anyone of them behind. Can you solve it?



One more imaginary elephant can be added to the elephants, making them 16,
now the first son gets 1/2 of 16=8 , 8 are remaining
the second son gets 3/4 of 8 =6, 2 are remaining
the third son gets 1/2 if remaining , 1 is left , which is your imaginary elephant
therefore no one elephant is left behind and the required proportions are satisfied.

This Puzzle is contributed by Harika Mulumudi.

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