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Puzzle | The Burning Candles

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Problem Statement: Given two candles. Each of them burns for one hour. They burn unevenly in different parts though. In addition, let’s have a box of matches. Measure 45 minutes and 15 minutes.


  • Step1: Both ends of the first candle should be lit, but only one end of the second candle should be lit. After the first candle has burned fully in 30 minutes, the remaining time is 30 minutes to burn the other candle with one end unburned.
  • Step2: Now lit both the ends of the 30-min(remaining) length of candle 2, it will burn in 15 minutes. Now let’s have a look at the solution candle-wise.
    • Candle1: The first candle is lit from the end, So it will be completely burned in 30 minutes.
    • Candle2: After 30 minutes, the two candles will be half burned. Now, let’s lit the second end also and candle 2 will be burned completely in 15 minutes.


  • Now one can see the measurements.
  • 15 minutes: Candle 2 when lit from both ends, burned in 15 minutes. That’s how it can be calculated in  15 minutes.
  • 45 minutes: Candle 2 + Candle 1 time taken for both the candles to be burned is equivalent to 45 minutes i.e., (30 + 15) minutes.

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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