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Puzzle – “Rocky and Sam’s Avian Puzzle: A Feathery Conundrum”

Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2024
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In a little town called Puzzleville, where puzzles and brain teasers made every day exciting, two friends, Rocky and Sam, got caught up in a tricky puzzle about flying birds. Sam, being curious, asked Rocky a question that led them on an adventure to solve the mystery of the birds in the sky.

The Puzzle

“Rocky,” Sam began, his eyes sparkling with excitement, “imagine the sky divided into three parts. In the first part, there are ‘x’ number of birds. The second part has one and a half times the birds in the first part, and the last part boasts double the number of birds in the second part. Now, if we add just one more bird to this avian assembly, the total count becomes around 100. Can you figure out how many birds are in each part?”

The Thoughtful Analysis

Rocky, ever the analytical thinker, pondered the question. To crack the puzzle, he decided to represent the number of birds in each part algebraically. Let ‘x’ be the number of birds in the first part. Following Sam’s clues, the second part would have 1.5x birds, and the last part would have 2 * 1.5x, which simplifies to 3x birds.

Mathematically, Rocky expressed the total number of birds as the sum of these three parts plus the extra bird:

x + 1.5x + 3x + 1 = 100

Combining like terms:

5.5x + 1 = 100

Subtracting 1 from both sides:

5.5x = 99

Dividing by 5.5:

x = 18

The Revelation:

With a triumphant smile, Rocky exclaimed, “Sam, the answer is clear! The first part has 18 birds, the second part has 1.5 times that, which is 27 birds, and the last part has double that, making it 54 birds. When we add one more bird, the total count becomes 100.”


In the charming town of Puzzleville, Rocky and Sam celebrated their victory over the avian enigma. The puzzle not only showcased the power of logical reasoning but also highlighted the joy that comes with unraveling the mysteries that abound in the world of thought-provoking questions. It was another day filled with friendship, curiosity, and the thrill of solving puzzles under the vast and ever-fascinating sky.

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