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How Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks works?

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At GeeksforGeeks, we believe that:

Your small contribution can make someone learn easier and better.

Why should you Contribute?

  • GeeksforGeeks is a very fast-growing community among programmers and has a reach of around 10 million+ readers globally.
  • Writing will surely enhance your knowledge of the subject as before writing any topic, you need to be very crisp and clear about it.
  • What if you will get paid for learning and sharing your knowledge?. Yes, we pay for the content that you write to help others.
  • It helps ample in placements as you study thoroughly before writing about a topic.
  • Boosts your resume very obviously.
  • Certificate for all the duration you write.
  • You get feedback from our experts on what you write, and thus you know where you should improvise accordingly.
  • Connects you with the world and lets you share your skills with others.
  • You will build connections for sure.
  • We recommend you to go through the words of our past contributors, who are currently working at tech giants like (Google, Microsoft, etc.)
    Rachit Belwariar | Software Engineer II at Google
    Aashish Barnwal | Software Engineer at Microsoft.
  • You will also get a chance to get featured as Geek of the Month on GeeksforGeeks

Who can Contribute?

Contribution at GeeksforGeeks is open for all those who have a passion to learn and help others by sharing their knowledge. If you think you have the zeal to learn, start contributing on GeeksforGeeks.

We believe that everyone has the right to learn, so we allow both students and professionals to contribute at GeeksforGeeks. You may refer to the below links for details:

Steps of Contribution

The steps are as follows:

  1. Firstly, what you need to do is write two sample articles on a topic of your area of interest and submit your articles on
  2. If you are not sure about which topic to write about, then you can opt to choose a topic from here. Here, we have a pool of topics from which you can choose and write as per your interest. Please ensure that you write on those topics which are not published on GeeksforGeeks already.
  3. Also, your first 2 articles for your selection should not be under these categories or similar types: Function, Method, Difference Between, Interview Experiences, Placements, and Internships.

Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks

What skills do I need?

Only the zeal to learn and improve yourself is all we need. Anyone who has a passion for learning and writing is welcome to write for us. Contribution on GeeksforGeeks is not limited to writing articles only, below are the details about the ways in which you can help us and other fellow programmers:

  • Article Contribution: Writing articles will help you understand better. It will surely improve your knowledge about the topic very much as you will have to understand the topic from very basic before you start writing. Article contribution at GeeksforGeeks is open across a wide range of topics related to Computer Science. To start contributing, go to GeeksforGeeks Write Portal.
  • Improving Articles: You can also improve our existing articles by suggesting a better approach, adding code in a new programming language, rectifying grammatical mistakes, etc. To improve an existing article, click on the “Improve Article” button available in the user actions section at bottom of every post.
  • Video Contribution: If you think you can express things more easily and in a better way through videos/animations, then you are welcome to create videos for the GeeksforGeeks’s Youtube channel.
  • Interview Experiences: Interview experiences is one of the foremost things you need to go through to prepare for interviews. It gives you a brief idea about the interview rounds and the recruitment process of the companies. Help others converting their dream into reality by contributing your interview experiences.

Start Contributing Now


We already have stated a lot of benefits above. We are explaining some of the cooler stuff here that you will get for writing at GeeksforGeeks.

  • Internship: Once your first two articles got published, you are eligible for work from the home internship.
  • Remuneration: What if you will get paid for learning and sharing your knowledge?. Yes, we will pay you for the content that you write to help others.


#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main()
    string learn = "Computer Science";
    while (learn == "Computer Science") {
        cout << "Earn";
    return 0;

You might be thinking what’s wrong with the above program? It goes in an infinite loop. That is what we are trying to depict. There is no restriction on the time frame for which you can earn. The more you contribute, the more you will earn (Note: Terms and Conditions are applied here)

  • Campus Ambassador: If you can represent, you can do anything. Become Campus Ambassador at Geeksforgeeks.
  • Full-time job opportunity: We always give preference to our work-from-home interns and content writers to join our team. If you show your skills correctly, we will love to have you on board.

Some of our Past Contributors

  1. Rachit Belweriar : Software Engineer II at Google
  2. Aashish Barnwal : Software Engineer II at Microsoft
  3. Amit Khandelwal :Junior Associate at Nagarro
  4. Ekta Goel : Software Engineer at Microsoft
  5. Gaurav Miglani : Won Geek of the month, proficient in Java, and keep writing whenever free
  6. Chirag Agarwal : Won Geek of the month, intern and PPO at Amazon, Hyderabad

Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2021
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