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Geeks Premier League 2023 – Biggest Content Writing Event By GeeksforGeeks

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GeeksforGeeks presents Geeks Premier League 2023 – an opportunity to hone your writing abilities regardless it is technical or non-technical and get paid high, whether you are a student, a graduate, a working professional, or trying to create a career in content writing. If you firmly believe that your writing skills can captivate, educate, and engage readers, then this is your moment to shine. Share your wealth of knowledge and unlock a treasure trove of assured goodies and exciting rewards. This event will bring numerous rewards to your door if you believe that your writing has the ability to persuade, educate, draw readers in, and keep them interested. Share your knowledge and earn assured goodies and exciting rewards.


This Geeks Premier League will start on 8 September 2023, and you can share your articles till 5th January 2024. So, what are you waiting for? Get an amazing opportunity to showcase your technical knowledge and writing skills – together.

Event Details

The Geeks Premier League 2023 will begin in the 2nd week of September and will last until the 1st week of January 2024. Check out all the information below:

  • Event Start Date: 8th September 2023
  • Event End Date: 5th January 2024
  • Result Date: 24th January 2024

Note: Only the articles that are submitted before the event end date will be entertained and submission will close at 11:59 PM on 5th January 2024


Whether big or small, tangible or intangible, rewards have the power to motivate, inspire, and remind us that our efforts are valued. We believe that your skills and creativity must be valued.

Following the same, you’ll be rewarded the below items according to your winning rank:

Geeks Premier League Rewards

  • 1st Prize —> MacBook Pro + GFG Course Coupon Worth INR 12000
  • 2nd Prize —> iPad + GFG Course Coupon Worth INR 7000
  • 3rd Prize —> Smartwatch + GFG Course Coupon Worth INR 4000
  • 4th – 5th Prize —> Tablet + GFG Course Coupon Worth INR 2000
  • 6th – 20th Prize —>Earbuds + GFG Course Coupon Worth INR 1000
  • 21st – 100th Prize —> Event Specific Goodies (Tshirt, Bag, Diary, Keyring, Pen, Stickers)
  • Experience Posts —> (Tshirt + Pen + Stickers ) – For Minimum 2 Published Experiences


  • To get eligible for the rewards, at least 5 articles should be published excluding any Experience related articles.
  • The Prizes are not Applicable for the Participants Outside India.
  • The Prize distribution process will start 10 working days after the result announcement.

If you want to win exciting prizes, share your article on social media platforms – LinkedIn , Instagram and Facebook with a hashtag #gpl2023. For more details check winners criteria mentioned below in the guidelines.

Additional Rewards

Certificate of Participation to top 100 and get a chance to grab TCE – Internship (In-office) opportunity.

Eligibility For GPL 2023

This event is open to all categories i.e., Students, graduates, working professionals, or those who are trying to create a career in today’s fast-paced world by using their technical as well as non-technical knowledge can participate in this event.

How to Participate in GPL 2023?

The process of writing and submitting the article for the Geeks Premier League 2023 is very easy. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. You can just directly go to the Write portal and click the Geeks Premier League tab. It’ll take you to Pick Article from where you can pick the topic of your choice.
  2. You can also submit the article by adding the category – “Geeks Premier League” to the article along with the tag “Geeks Premier League”. This is mandatory for the articles which are not picked from the Pick Topic list.
  3. The “Suggest button” is another option. You can suggest a topic and submit it here by selecting the category Geeks Premier League, and our team will review it to see whether it is relevant to our event. If the article is approved, you can begin writing your article immediately. Please allow 72 hours (Working Days Only) for a response to your article suggestion.
  4. Author must include GPL Tag – “Geeks Premier League 2023” and Category of required domain in each and every article before submitting it for review process.
  5. Refer to the guidelines – before starting to write the article.

General Guidelines For GPL 2023

A. Eligibility Related

  • This event is open to all.
  • Event participation will only be considered through WRITE portal only.
  • Don’t forget to check to see whether your topic is already on GeeksforGeeks.
  • Any article containing Plagiarised/AI-generated content, if found would be straightaway prohibited/discarded.

B. Submissions Related

  • Categories and Domains which are not accepted:
    • C#
    • Golang
    • Scala
    • Perl
    • iOS
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Julia
    • Ethical Hacking
    • CCNA
    • Disturbuted System
    • Functions
    • Full Form
    • MCQs
    • Interview Questions
  • Any article present with the GPL tag will be reviewed on priority basis.
  • At any given time, only 5 articles(Draft + Pending + Awaiting + Review Queue) can be selected from the PICK section.
  • The pending article limit for any Picked and Non-picked article is 10 articles.
  • If the picked article is present in the draft and is not submitted within 4 days, it will be automatically discarded.
  • If the Picked article is present in the awaiting author section then it will be discarded in 3 days if not submitted with the required changes.
  • If the Non-Picked article is present in the awaiting author section then it will not be discarded automatically.
  • Any Non Picked article submitted under GPL category and tag will be considered for the event or not, will be decided by internal team.
  • Improvement of the existing article will not be accepted or considered as an entry for this event.
  • The Geeks Premier League 2023 Tag must be included in the article; otherwise, the article will not be considered for event participation.
  • Any submitted article (Having Pending Status) on or before 5th January 2024 (midnight) under the Geeks Premier League category will be only considered for the review process.
  • If anyone is submitting the article after 5th January 2024, then the article will be considered as a normal contribution and will not be counted under the Geeks Premier League 2023.
  • In case you get feedback on your pending Geeks Premier League article, or your article is in awaiting status during this event then make the suggested changes by 12th January 2024 and submit the article for the review process. After 12th January 2024, the awaiting status article will not be considered for the Geeks Premier League event.
  • Any article submitted prior to 8th Sept 2023 Whether it is in pending or awaiting author status will not be considered for the Geeks Premier League.

C. Payment Related

  • All the payments will be processed to the author’s bank account after signing the offer letter generated by GeeksforGeeks.
  • 500 INR will be paid for each published article during this event except for the below mentioned categories.
  • If an author’s existing fixed pay is more than the fixed pay under the event i.e., INR 500, the maximum amount will be considered for the pay of the article.
  • GeeksforGeeks reserves the right to accept or reject any changes at any time and at any stage, without assigning any reason or incurring any liability to the participants. No claim whatsoever will be entertained/paid by the GeeksforGeeks to the participants.
  • We have different pay for certain domains during the event.
    • Machine Learning: 1000 INR/article
    • Data Science: 1000 INR/article
    • Projects: 1000 INR/article
    • Advanced Java: 700 INR/article
    • System Design: 800 INR/article
    • Web Tech – Advanced Articles: 800 INR/article
    • Data Structures and Algorithms: 800 INR/article

Note: Articles related to Experience Posts are not eligible for remuneration.

D. Rewards Related

  • If a person has two or more articles in the Top 50 results, the highest-ranking article will be used to determine the winner rank.
  • The prize distribution process will begin 10 days(working) after the results are announced. Our team will send the winners an email with the necessary information such as name, Complete Address Details, etc. to their registered email addresses.
  • The payments and rewards are exclusively available to Indian contributors. However, if you are not from India, you can contribute articles to this event but would not be eligible for prizes.

E. Winners Related

The Top 100 winners will be chosen on the following parameters:

  • 30% Likes
  • 70% Internal Criteria – Will be decided by GFG review team based on the article’s complexity, clearity and how well written it is etc.

Note: In case of any doubt please connect us here.

FAQs: Geeks Premier League 2023

1. Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the Geeks Premier League 2023.

2. How many articles can I write?

There is no limit for the number of the articles that you can write.

3. How will I get paid?

If you are already an author on GeeksforGeeks then you can apply for payment as you normally would. If you are a new author, Go to the Work with Us tab, Click on Apply here on the Write portal to apply for an offer letter, and then click on the Remuneration tab on the Write portal to apply for payment. In both cases, the payment will be received in the first week of the following month. Here is an example, if Ajay applies for the remuneration at the Starting, Middle, or end of September 2023 then he will get the payment in the first week of October 2023.

4. Is there any minimum number of articles to participate in the event?

No, you can participate in the event by publishing at least one article and can apply for remuneration for it.

5. To get the goodies, how many articles do I have to contribute?

You will be eligible to receive the goodies after the publication of the 5 articles within the event.

6. What will be the last date to submit the article?

The last date for article submission is 5th January 2024. However, you need to know if you submit the article on the last date and get feedback on it to make some changes then you’ll get 7 more days to make the required changes in the article and submit it again for the review process.

7. Can I submit my article which I have published on another platform also?

No, the article must be unique, and original, and not be published on any other platform. Also, it should not be AI-generated as well as should be plagiarism-free.

8. After I submit the article, what process will take place?

Once you write and submit the article, then the status of your article becomes Pending. The team then reviews your article, gives you feedback in comments (if needed) under the article, and saves your article status to Awaiting Author. After that, you’re required to make the changes as per the feedback and again submit the article for review and the status of your article becomes Pending again. Finally, after you have made all the required improvements, your article status becomes In Review, which means it has been approved. Also, when your article gets published, the status of your article becomes Published.

9. If I am already getting more than INR 500 per published article, then which amount will be considered for this event?

If you’re already associated with GfG and getting paid INR 500/published article, then you’ll receive the maximum amount that GfG is paying before this event. But you will get a chance to win some exciting prizes like MacBook Pro M1 and GfG Goodies.

10. Can I receive payment through PayPal?

Currently, we are processing payment transfers through Net banking/Transfer and do not entertain PayPal or another third-party app to transfer the remuneration.

Q11. During this event, my articles will also count for Internship?

Yes, your articles will be considered for the internship also.

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2023
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