Freelance Technical Content Writing

GeeksforGeeks offers the Freelance Technical Content Writing opportunity for all those individuals who have some good article writing skills and at the same time are knowledgeable enough to write about a particular topic or domain. This will not only help you in showcasing and enhancing your technical writing skills to the world but will also reward you with some good remuneration and other worthwhile benefits.


Benefits of Freelance Technical Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks

Some of the considerable benefits of Freelance Technical Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks are listed below:

  1. Flexible work hours and workload
  2. Bridge the gap of your career break (if any)
  3. If selected, you can continue for as much duration as you want
  4. New skills development and Work-Life balance
  5. You’ll be paid well for the content that you write
  6. Allows you to connect and share your skills with others across the world

How to Apply?

The step-by-step procedure to apply for Freelance Technical Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks is as follows: 

  1. Firstly, what you need to do is write one article or improve one already existing article on a topic of your area of interest and submit your articles on Write Portal. In case, if you have already written one article, you can directly click on ‘Apply Here‘ button.
  2. If you are not sure about which topic to write about, then you can opt to choose a topic from here. Here, we have a pool of topics from which you can choose and write as per your interest. Please ensure that you write on those topics which are not published on GeeksforGeeks already.
  3. Also, your first article for your selection should not be under these categories or similar types:
    • Experiences (Interview, Working, Admission and Campus)
    • Placements
  4. Once your article is published, please go to Apply Here Tab, apply for the Internship/Freelance, get the Offer Letter, and e-sign it there.

How to Write an Article?

  1. Click on and start writing your article under the “Write an Article” section.
  2. Once you have written the article, click on “Submit for Review“. It is strongly recommended to completely check your article before submitting it for review. Articles that are incorrect or promotional or plagiarized or AI generated may lead to rejection.
  3. For article publication or any feedback, you will be notified at your registered Email address. In case of feedback, you are expected to make the suggested changes and resubmit them for review.

General Guidelines

  1. Plagiarism of content from other websites or resources is highly discouraged.  
  2. The Amount paid per Article will be the best as per industry standards and will depend upon the content and quality of your article.
  3. The articles with these tags or similar are not eligible for Remuneration: Experiences (Working, Admission and Campus), Placements, and Internships.
  4. Publication of an article is a multi-stage process, and it takes a minimum of 7 working days for an article to get published, in general. If your article does not get published within 7 days, kindly raise a query on Contact Us regarding the publication of your article.
  5. And yes, we pay for the articles based on specific criteria. These criteria include the following: 

    • If you contribute through the PICK section, you will get paid for your published article within the payment cycle.
    • For non-picked articles, the articles should go through monetization guidelines to get the payment.

Note: You’re recommended to apply for the remuneration before the end of the month as the remuneration amount is generally credited in the first week of the next month. For example – for August month, if you will apply before 31st August, then you will get the remuneration on the first week of September however if you’ll apply after 31st August then you’ll get the remuneration amount on the first week of October.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q-1: What amount will I get paid for writing an article as a freelancer?

Ans. The Amount paid per Article will depend upon the content and quality of your article.

Q-2. What will be the duration of the freelance program?

Ans. The Freelance contract is valid for up to 1 year from the date of signing the Master Service Agreement and can be extended at your convenience. 

Q-3. How will I get the remuneration for my articles?

Ans. Apply for remuneration from Remuneration Button under ‘Work with Us’ Tab after the successful publication of at least 1 of your articles or 1 improvement. 

  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2023

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