Geek of the Month

Last Updated : 19th September, 2022

Geek of the Month Program

Quality is the another name that defines GeeksforGeeks and you’re the reason we are able to set a standard in the CS/IT domain and become the cream of the crop. Our “Geek of the Month” honours contributors like you who have contributed informational and quality articles throughout the month. You’re the backbone of our steadfast tech community and we cannot help but reward you with some exciting perks that a geek of your calibre deserves.

Benefits for Geek of the Month

How can I become “Geek of the month”?

To earn the title of “Geeks of the Month”, all you have to do is contribute technically accurate articles on our website that showcases your expertise and can help others to solve problems. The more quality articles published by your name, the better chances you’ve to win this honour to exhibit your talent and put a star on your resume.