How to get Technical Content Writing Internship at

  • Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2020

How to get Technical Content Writing Internship at

Content Writing internships/freelancing generally are available at GeeksforGeeks round the year and open to all the students who are good in writing and at the same time knowledgeable enough to write about a particular topic.

GeeksforGeeks offers two types of Content writing positions for “Work at home Technical Content Writing”.

  1. Internship (For students currently studying)
  2. Freelancers (For professionals)

How to Apply

  1. Think of a topic not published at GeeksforGeeks (How to choose topic for writing?)
  2. Write it on
  3. Drop a mail and send your resume after 3 articles of yours get published to with subject “Technical Content Writer and Reviewer”
  4. Stipend is paid

Useful links:

  1. Guide to write an article and review process
  2. Benefits of interning as content writer at GeeksforGeeks
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