Difference between Component and Unit Testing

Component Testing:
Component Testing is a type of software testing in which usability of each individual component is tested. Along with the usability test, behavioral evaluation is also done for each individual component. To perform this type of testing, each component needs to be in independent state and also should be in controllable state. Each component of the software should be user comprehensible.

Unit Testing:
Unit Testing is a type of software testing in which individual units of software i.e. group of computer program modules, usage procedures and operating procedures are tested to determine whether they are suitable for use or not. It is a testing method using which every independent modules are tested to determine if there are any issue by the developer himself. It is correlated with functional correctness of the independent modules.

Difference between Component and Unit Testing:

Component Testing Unit Testing
Component Testing involves testing of each object or parts of the software separately. Unit Testing involves testing of individual programs or modules for program execution.
It is performed by the testing team. It is performed by the development team.
Component testing is a black box testing. Unit testing is a white box testing.
Tester doesn’t know the internal architecture of the software. Tester knows the internal design of the software.
Component testing is performed once the unit testing is performed. Unit testing is performed before the component testing.
Detection of defects is little difficult as compared to unit testing. detection of defects is easy in unit testing.
Once the whole software is developed then only component testing is performed. Unit testing is performed after every development step.
It validates test requirements. It validates design documents.

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