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Difference between Use Case and Test Case
  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2019

In the software testing field, these two terms are the most important and are also closely related, but from a different perspective. A Use Case is used to define the system that how to use the system for performing a specific task. and A Test Case is defined as a group of test inputs, execution condition, and expected results which further lead to developing a particular test objective.

A use case is not a part of execution it is only a diagrammatic presentation of a document that specifies how to perform a certain task. If we talk about test case it is used to validate the software which is developed by testers for validating that the software is in working as per requirement or not.

Let see some important difference in tabular form:

Comparison parameter Use Case Test case
Definition A sequential actions which is use to describe the interaction among the role and system to maintain a specified objective, A Group of test inputs, conditions and variables by which the charcaterstics of the software is defined.
Goal To reach the last operation follow all sequential operation validating the software as it is working fine or not.
Iteration it follows different paths it follows single test case is tested at a time
Dependency it is dependent on the requirements it is dependent over the use case
Requirement Documents and research is required Test inputs scripts and each test scripts complete one step
Completion complete all step once The testing is done again and again then finish.
Interaction User Results
Working it is working as following the step by step function ability of the software. it is working with the help of testers to validate the software

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