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Appium is an automation tool that was built for testing all types of applications whether mobile, web or hybrid applications. It is open-source software that… Read More
Selenium is a well-known software used for software testing purposes. Selenium is consists of 3 parts. One is Selenium IDE, one is Selenium Webdriver &… Read More
Software Testing is the process of verifying and evaluating the entire software or application to ensure that the developed software or product is working properly… Read More
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Workload Automation (WLA) are both major appliances that are used in businesses to automate processes and tasks. While they perform… Read More
Web testing is a software testing technique to test web applications or websites for finding errors and bugs. A web application must be tested properly… Read More
The web page metrics are used in measuring various attributes of any website effectively. The table given below provides some of the comprehensive web page… Read More
Prerequisite: Agile Software Development In the world of software development, a project is managed majorly by three bodies they are Scrum Master, Product Owner, and… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing Before knowing thread testing let’s know about thread. Generally a thread is the smallest unit of work that any system can perform.… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Testing A Data Driven Testing is a type of software testing methodology or more exactly approach to architecture of automated tests by creating… Read More
Prerequisite: Software Development Life Cycle SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. It refers to the methods of developing quality software by clearly defining the… Read More
Post-deployment testing is a type of testing in which the software is tested after it is being deployed to production. This testing may help us… Read More
Prerequisite: Agile Software Development and Scrum  As we know that most IT companies are using the Agile software development approach for software development, in that… Read More
Retesting is a procedure where we need to check that particular test cases which are found with some bugs during the execution time. Retesting also… Read More
Conventional testing is a software testing process that is conducted when the waterfall life cycle is used while developing software. This testing is always performed… Read More
Agent-oriented Testing is defined as the application of agents like software or intelligent or multi-agent systems, etc to software testing problems by tackling and automating… Read More

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