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Difference between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing

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Front End Testing: 
Front End Testing is a type of testing that tests the presentation layer of a 3 tier architecture in a web application. Basically, front-end testing is performed on the user interface (UI) which is also known as the presentation layer in 3-tier architecture. 

Back End Testing: 
Back-end testing is a type of testing that tests the application layer and database layer of a 3 tier architecture in a web application. Basically back end testing is performed on the application user interface (AUI) and database.

 Difference between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing:

S. No. Front End Testing Back End Testing
1. Front-end testing is performed on the User Interface (UI). Back-end testing is performed on the database and Application User Interface (AUI).
2. In front end testing, GUI is required. In back end testing, GUI is not required.
3. Knowledge about requirements is required. Knowledge about the database is required.
4. The front end checks the overall functionality of the application. Back end testing checks for deadlock, data corruption or data loss.
5. Any information is not stored in the database. Information is stored in the database.
6. Knowledge about the automation frameworks tools is required. Knowledge about Structured Query Language (SQL) concepts is required.
7. Application verification is there in front-end testing and then performance is examined to see if it meets the requirements.  The execution of backend testing ensures that the data is moving in continuity without suffering a performance hit.


  1. Unit Testing 
  2. Acceptance Testing and many more.


  1. SQL Testing 
  2. API Testing and many more.

Front-end Tools-

  • Grunt
  • Karma
  • Sauce Labs

Back-end Tools-

  • Data Factory
  • Data Generator
  • TurboData
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Last Updated : 22 Feb, 2023
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