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Difference between Tester and SDET

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Tester is the person that performs the testing process on the software in order to detect the defects. Tester also checks different aspects of the software. Tester doesn’t know the development process of the software. Tester checks whether the software has bugs and defects or not.

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. SDET is the person that plays role in both development and testing process. SDET knows the internal design and implementation of the software. Tester who can code is known as SDET.

Difference between Tester and SDET:

Tester SDET
It tests the software or system after the development. Tester who knows coding is known as SDET.
Tester doesn’t know the design and implementation of the software.. SDET knows designing, implementation and testing.
Only testing tasks are performed by the tester. SDET also checks the performance of the software.
Tester has less knowledge about software requirements. SDET has all knowledge about software requirements and other aspects.
Tester are person with less skills. SDET are person with high skills.
Stipend of tester is less as compared to SDET. Stipend is better for SDET as compared to tester.
Tester has less role and responsibilities in software development life cycle. SDET has full role in all steps of software development life cycle.
Tester doesn’t know coding. SDET knows coding quite well.

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Last Updated : 10 Oct, 2019
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