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Hey guys, I’m Gonna Share my interview experience with INFORMATICA for GCS(Global Customer Support) role intership+FTE. The recruitment process consisted of 6 rounds. Eligibility Criteria:… Read More
Informatica visited our campus in Nov 2020 for on-campus hiring. Nearly 250 students are eligible who are having above 8.0 CGPA. Round 1: The written… Read More
Informatica visited our Campus (Thapar University) in the month of September for Internship and Full time. Around 400 students were eligible to take the test.… Read More
Informatica recently visited our campus around the First week of March 2020,  for selecting SDE interns from Btech. 2021 Batch. The selection process took around… Read More
Round 1 (Online MCQ test):  The first round was a MCQ based online test. In total there were 30 MCQ questions which were to be… Read More
Round 1: ONLINE TECHNICAL MCQ ROUND 30 MCQs in 45 minutes related to Data Structures, Algorithms, Operating System and Database Management System. If you are… Read More
Recruitment Process : Informatica conducts 5 rounds to select freshers as Software Engineer. Online Round Coding Round Technical Round 1 Technical Round 2 Personal Interview… Read More
Round 1: Mode of Exam: Online The Initial Round mainly focused on checking the basic technical skills of the Candidate. The students who are very… Read More
Round 1: (ONLINE MCQ – 30 QUESTIONS) In the 1st round, there were a total of 30 questions were asked from OS, DBMS and Algorithms/DAA… Read More
1) An online test was conducted containing various section including os, computer network, Java, python, c aptitude, DBMS, logical reasoning . Each and every section… Read More
Profile: Associate Software Developer R&D Department, Bangalore College: Nirma University Date: 7th October. Round 1: Online MCQ Test (Elimination) 30 MCQs – 45 minutes 57… Read More
Given an array with n elements and an integer k. Divide the array into subarrays, each of them containing k elements.For example: Input: arr[]={1, 32, 5,… Read More
Round 1: Online test with 45 MCQ questions for 30 mins. It was full of Data Structures, Operating System, DBMS, Algorithms.focuses mainly on sorting techniques,… Read More
Round 1: Online MCQ Test (45 minutes) We were given 30 MCQ’s, Most of the MCQ’s were from the below 1. Operating System(5-8 Questions) 2. Database… Read More
Total 6 rounds.  Online MCQs-1  Online coding-1  TRs-2  Hiring manager round-1  HR-1  Round 1: Online MCQ Test (45 minutes)  DBMS, OS,  C, MCQs  30 bits…. 45… Read More